Taxiworld launches Brewery Road office!

The London Electric Vehicle Company and Taxiworld, London’s largest meter rental business, are pleased to announce a new partnership at the TX4 retailer’s Brewery Road site

Taxiworld has opened a new office at the Islington dealership, giving customers the choice of three dedicated Taxiworld sites, complimenting their 16 strong dealer network throughout London.

Taxiworld MD Jill Paton commented: “The Group is very excited about the prospect of working more closely with The London Electric Vehicle Company, and the opportunity to give our joint customers an enhanced level of service.

“The facility at Brewery Road is an ideal location for our customers to visit and experience our complete range of products, from our unique SIM card taximeter, which negates the necessity to attend time consuming annual tariff changes; to the latest range of Smart Witness CCTV cameras. We’re also pleased to announce that we will soon launch our FREEdom credit card payment system, which will also be available at this new site.”

Taxiworld’s new range of products, coupled with their expansion to their new facilities, has created a requirement for a number of new personnel to join the company. However the existing team led by “Auntie” Linda will be splitting their time between all sites, ensuring that there will always be a familiar face to provide product information and demonstrations.

The new outlet will be manned and open during Brewery Road’s normal operational hours, Monday to Thursday, 8.30am until 5pm and Fridays, 8.30am until 4pm.

Commenting on this latest development, UK Retail General Manager James Dennison said:
“We knew that this partnership would make sense for both parties, however, most of all for our joint customers. We’re excited about the opportunities that this venture will bring, including the possible efficiencies to be gained for both operations.”

Customers will find the Taxiworld team in their new office adjacent to the Service Reception entrance or they can call the team direct on 0207 700 9837.Text here ...