Our purpose-built, iconic black cab has been sold in over 40 countries and markets worldwide. Becoming a globally recognised symbol of excellence doesn’t happen overnight, or by accident. We’ve spent years building, designing, and improving our vehicles while always respecting our heritage.

We started off as the only manufacturer of fully-accessible, purpose-built London taxis. Others may have followed us, but we’ve always been the leading innovators within the industry. Nobody else has the same dedicated insight and experience we have gained developing the most important tool of your trade.

The latest generation of our vehicles all benefit from the latest advances in engine and emission technology. We are constantly striving for improvements in driver and passenger comfort and safety, and introduce new features and functions with every model update.

We help deliver air quality targets and are working towards ultra-low emissions with our products such as the new electric taxi, the TX. From design and accessibility, to safety and performance, our taxis are a great investment, and ensure that you can travel your daily routes serving your communities with pride and confidence in your cab.

Our emphasis on continual improvement and the use of new technologies has resulted in a smoother and quieter ride than ever before, as well as drastically reduced carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions. Our products are at the heart of your business, and an essential asset of your operation. We know you rely on us to understand your needs and that’s exactly what we do. That’s why every taxi we’ve ever made, and ever will, is built for pur-pose.

Your business and ours. Made for each other.