How to Drive

With a maximum range of over 400 miles, the new taxi can already cover distances impossible for previous generations of electric vehicles. Following certain practices while driving, however, will allow you to achieve the greatest possible distance in exchange for the lowest energy expenditure. In the long term, this will also enable you to reduce the effect of ageing on the engine’s battery.

The most obvious way to minimise battery usage is by making use of the taxi’s three driving modes – Smart, Pure EV, and Save – which work in the following ways:

  • Smart mode is the recommended and easiest option for most situations. It switches automatically between using the lithium-ion battery and the petrol-powered range-extender, depending on the car’s speed and throttle control
  • Pure EV mode disables the range extender, using only electric power. Naturally, this consumes no petrol and produces no emissions – a very effective option for inner-city driving. If your battery becomes depleted, an indicator will advise you to select a different driving mode
  • Save mode runs the range-extender to conserve the battery charge for later use. This can prove especially useful for drivers who commute to work using fast roads, as it allows them to use electric power in urban areas (in which petrol is consumed at a higher rate)

To further maximise the range offered by driving in pure EV mode, the TX utilises regenerative coasting and braking. When the driver takes their foot from the accelerator or presses the brake pedal, stored kinetic energy is redirected back to the engine. The level of regeneration, furthermore, can be altered to suit your personal preferences.