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The Home of Electric Commercial Vehicles

The future's electric, that's why at LEVC, everything we do is electric. Our entire focus is on the production of electrically-driven vehicles for the commercial sector, including passenger transport and business operations.

Mobility is evolving, embracing the need to turn away from fossil fuels and eliminate vehicle emissions. We’re proud to be leading this transformation. Every day we dedicate our resources and expertise to creating a new generation of viable, sustainable commercial vehicles.

We’re always innovating to provide new and advanced solutions that meet the needs of owners, operators and passengers. Our ultimate vision is for smarter, cleaner mobility, using technology to benefit both commercial enterprise and the environment.

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A Global Icon A robust, distinctive shoulder that signifies the qualities of a thoroughbred workhorse. A face and profile that is reassuringly familiar. The rounded rear of the roof. There are elements that are intrinsic to how our vehicles look and feel. Key features that make them instantly recognisable. The traditional black cab and London taxi has become an icon recognised across worldwide cities and markets. The latest generation of the TX series has been sold in over 40 territories, from Baku to Belgium. We’ve established markets on four continents, and our next generation of taxis will go even further.
A Sustainable Future At our core, we are a progressive, forward-looking company, respectfully aware of our past and the vision of our founders: to make vehicles that are the defining statement in their class. We remain committed and true to this concept, but also to growing our reach and brand across global markets. And that vision comes with a renewed responsibility to the environment. Our vehicles must meet the strictest emission standards in the world. Through the use of the latest electric drivetrain technology and advanced materials, even the iconic black cab has gone green.
Research & Development With renewed focus on the negative effects of diesel engines, and restrictive legislation demanding new technology like zero emission vehicles, we are proud to be at the forefront of the move towards a greener future. Throughout our history, we have been driven by passenger needs. Now, the needs of the planet drive us too. Our latest engines incorporate innovative technology that sets new standards for zero emission capable vehicles. Instead of powering the wheels and driving the vehicle when battery power runs out, the system charges the battery, helping us stay true to our new green vision.