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Join the thousands of passengers who choose to travel in iconic black cabs

We are the world's only manufacturer and retailer of the iconic black cab and, we might be a bit biased, but we think that London taxis are absolutely the best way to travel.

So, in order to help you travel in style, we've listed companies across the UK that use black cabs in their fleets.

To find your nearest London taxi radio network, simply choose your city from the list below and contact the suggested operators directly. Or, you could choose to download one of the Black Cab Apps which allow you to book a taxi using your smartphone.

We've also provided information regarding the local authority responsible for the regulation of London taxis in each city. Simply click on the appropriate link and you'll be redirected straight through to the relevant page. Each local authority will be able to help with matters such as lost property, complaints about a driver, or quotes.

London - Licencing Authority & Operators

Licensing Authority - Transport for London (TfL) Visit TfL website
Comcab 020 7908 0207
Dial A Cab 020 7253 5000
Radio Taxis 020 7272 0272

Birmingham - Licensing Authority & Operators

Licensing Authority - Birmingham City Council Visit Birmingham City Council website
Comcab 0121 566 9000

Coventry - Licencing Authority & Operators

Licensing Authority - Coventry City Council Visit Coventry City Council website
Allens 024 7655 5555
Central Taxis 024 7677 7777

Edinburgh - Licensing Authority & Operator

Licensing Authority - Edinburgh City Council Visit Edinburgh City Council website
Central Taxis 0131 229 2468
City Cabs 0131 228 1211

Glasgow - Licensing Authority & Operators

Licensing Authority - Glasgow City Council Visit Glasgow City Council website
Glasgow Taxis 0141 429 7070

Manchester - Licensing Authority & Operators

Licensing Authority - Manchester City Council Visit Manchester City Council website
ManTax 0161 230 3333

Black cab Apps​

Book a safe, reliable black cab on on your iPhone or Android handset​​

Download Gett Taxi App

Download MyTaxi App

There is not currently an option to select an electric cab as the preference for a journey, although this is something that is currently being integrated into these apps.

In the meantime, if you wish to receive an electric cab, a note can be added with your journey requesting this type of vehicle.