LEVC Brand

Building upon


Cleaner, quieter, safer

… better for the world like


As a psychological benefit to customers and users like


Quality, history, prestige

...reinvented like

This is ‘sustainable’ in its broadest sense – long lasting products with quality, durability & reliability as well as green credentials.

Our approach to technology, manufacturing, the way we do business, we are a disrupter and an innovator in the commercial vehicle sector

1.Is more definitive and distinctive and connects our heritage with our future

We’re British engineers, with 70 years’ experience of building London’s iconic black taxis. You can rely totally on the quality of both our products and our lifetime customer service.

And we’re innovative technologists.

Since 1908 our vehicles have innovated with pioneering technology at their heart.

We make purely electric vehicles – taxis, shuttles and vans – and we’re backed by the power of Geely. Our electric taxis are already changing the face of London.

Only with LEVC can you be sure that, in the exciting new world of smart, safe, sustainable commercial vehicles , you’ll stay ahead.

Our vehicles have changed the way we transport people, now our van will change the way we move good. Effienclty, safely, quietly and cleanly.