500 New TX Electric Taxis on London's streets

500 LEVC TX electric taxis on London’s streets 

The green transformation of London’s black cabs continues apace

500 TX Electric taxis in London

8 October 2018, London

The green transformation of London’s black cabs continues apace, with 500 zero-emission capable LEVC TXs on the road in the capital. By moving to one of these vehicles, a taxi driver reduces their carbon footprint by seven million tonnes a year.

The 500th owner is London cabbie Baki Kurban, who placed his order for the new TX after a fellow driver convinced him to book a test drive at LEVC’s North London dealership. Mr Kurban, who has been driving taxis for 8 years, had been told by friends that the new vehicles offered a better driving experience, significant fuel savings and even higher tips! So was keen to try the cab himself. Delighted with the results of his short working trial, Mr Kurban placed his order.


Commenting on the experience during vehicle handover, Mr Kurban said: 

“After test driving the TX, one of the most noticeable differences between the previous model was the smooth and quiet ride. No rattling, no shuddering and a far comfier cabin made the whole experience so much more relaxing for passengers and I can’t wait to join the other  TX drivers on the road.”

Graham Robinson, TfL’s General Manager for Taxi and Private Hire, said: 

“The number of ZEC taxi owners is ramping up. They are at the vanguard of this exciting technology that reduces emissions but also delivers significant customer benefits. With 500 of the new environmentally friendly vehicles now on our streets, these pioneer cabbies are moving us towards the critical mass we need to clean up the city’s toxic air.   We are also ensuring drivers always have somewhere to power up by installing more rapid charging points around London, dedicating a significant number solely to taxis."


The vehicle isn’t just good for cab drivers, but those living and working in London. Passengers will notice less vibration and noise in the passenger cabin, alongside charging points for mobile phones, Wi-fi and additional space for six passengers. 

In addition – the zero-emission capable powertrain reduces city centre emissions whilst TX drivers and their passengers will benefit from the TX’s new multi-filter system that works to remove gases and particles from the incoming air. Also, an in-built air quality sensor also automatically closes the external air intake if it detects increased levels of pollution in the outside air – protecting passengers, and the driver, from poor-quality air.

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