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March 2018

Part of our vision in creating the world’s first purpose-built, zero-emissions capable taxi was making cities cleaner and greener for everyone. The TX marks the culmination of years of work and collaboration between some of the best designers, technologists,and engineers. And now, we’re working with the best in the fields of charging technology and city infrastructure to make sure you have the support and facilities you need to meet passenger expectations and the daily demands of duty.

How can I get the best from my TX electric taxi?

Driving an electric vehicle is different to one with a traditional internal combustion engine, and it certainly takes a little getting used to. We’re committed to helping drivers get the very best out of the new TX and have created a short video of easy-to-follow tips to help you do so. Please visit to find out more.

Can I get a dedicated charging point installed at my home?

Absolutely! We’ve partnered with ChargeMaster, the leading supplier of home charge units in the UK, to offer a one-stop solution of your very own 7kW unit. Once installed, you’ll be able to charge your TX in under four hours. The cost of supply and fitting is just £299 and includes a five-year warranty. That usually means that in less than a month, the average saving you’ll make on fuel costs should have covered the installation. Sounds fare to us!

I don’t have access to off-street parking and can’t have a dedicated charger installed. What options do I have?

We’ve always known that the urban landscape means access to off-street charging was never going to be possible for everyone. That’s why we’ve partnered with Source London*, the capital’s largest on-street charging network specialist. Already operating in over twenty London boroughs, they provide a reliable charging infrastructure that’s accessible 24/7. Not only will they liaise with local authorities on your behalf, but they’ll also campaign for a convenient charging point installation near you if there isn’t already one available. What’s more, you’ll not only benefit from free parking whenever using one of their sites, but you can reserve a time slot in advance straight from the Source London app. Head to to get your limited-time offer of a free 1-year membership and access to a 30% discount on all session fees.

Are there any other ways I can charge on-street?

The TX is also compatible with all Type-2 charging points, which is the standard used on most residential lamp post charging points for instance. Policies will vary from Borough to Borough, but you can also speak to your local council directly to request a free-to-use residential charging point closer to home. Additionally, hundreds of new charge point installations have already been approved by London boroughs for 2018, with a target of 2,000 charge points to be installed by 2020.

The TX has been specifically designed to offer unrivalled charging flexibility. This allows you to top up from virtually any public charge point, whether standard (>7kW), fast (>22kW), or rapid (>50kW). With all socket types built in, you’ll be able to maximise the savings available from driving on electric power. What’s more, the TX’s dual onboard inverter chargers allow drivers to harness the full charging rate available. In summary, the TX uses all the available current to recharge the battery even quicker. So, charging your TX is already quick, economical, and easy, but will get even better in the near future.

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*Only applicable to London-based drivers and owners.