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May 2018

The most accessible black cab ever

As well as being the cleanest, greenest and most economical taxi LEVC have ever produced, the new TX – the world’s most advanced taxi – is inclusive for all, offering the best facilities regardless of ability. No other cab boasts the same ease and flexibility when embarking or disembarking passengers, or ensures greater comfort on their journey – and here’s why:

Wider doors and non-slip floors

85.7cm across, 132cm high and with a sill just 37cm higher than the road surface, the rear door apertures of the new taxi enable easy access for most individuals, even those with restricted mobility. The wide-opening door hinges also open at 90 degrees, creating adequate space for passengers and also a sturdy folding step with a safe working load of 150kg for those with less severe mobility problems (using crutches, for example). The flat, slip-resistant floors also off er additional stability.

New and improved wheelchair ramp and seat restraints

Easily deployed and adjustable, and featuring side rails for added safety, the vehicle’s wheelchair ramp is mounted in the door sill and has a safe working load of up to 250kg. The ramp is greater in length and width than that of the TX4, giving it an incline of just 11 degrees and ensuring the greatest possible ease for boarding passengers.

When sampling the TX wheelchair accessibility, Bradley Beaumont, A WhizzKidz Ambassador commented

“I was really impressed with the features on the new taxi. It is much easier to get up the new, longer ramp in my wheelchair than the steep incline on the current taxi. The charging points inside are helpful too, meaning you can charge your phone when you are out and about and on the move.”

Once inside, the chair can be secured in place using an ISO10542-compliant system consisting of a harness and straps attached to four floor-mounted ‘buttons’ which are then clipped on to the chair. The moveable centre seat also provides additional legroom for the chair user.

User-friendly swivel and child seats 

The new TX also caters for limited-mobility passengers with an easily operated swivel seat. Small children, meanwhile, are also safe and sound with the universal ISOFIX system, which allows child seats to be fixed in seconds with simple yet effective clamps and tethers.

Nobody overlooked Customers with vision or hearing problems are assured of maximum convenience in the new TX, thanks to features such as the high-visibility markings and Braille control panel for the partially sighted or blind, and the intercom induction loop for customers using hearing aids.

To find out more about our most accessible taxi ever you can ask LEVC experts about accessibility issues in person at our TX Drop-in clinics at Brewery Road in London. Meet the factory experts on the following dates from 12pm – 6pm:

  • Wednesday 16th May • Wednesday 23rd May • Wednesday 30th May
  • Wednesday 6th June • Wednesday 13th June • Wednesday 20th Jun
  • If you have a question about #theelectrictaxi tweet us @AskLEVC or contact your local dealer.

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