C&S Taxis take ten TX4s!

C&S Taxis’ owner John Sofroniou has taken delivery of ten brand new TX4 Elegances, to add to his 200-strong rental fleet

The new vehicles have all been through The London Electric Vehicle Company’s extensive Product Enhancement programme, and have been fitted with new steering boxes, radiators, interior trim panels, turbo hoses and check straps of superior quality and design.
This programme, coupled with an extended preparation process means that new vehicles ordered are being delivered to customers in approximately four weeks.

Commenting on his latest purchases, John said: “Running your own fleet is extremely hard work – you have to live and breathe the trade. But, right now, the rental market is extremely vibrant; in fact I’d say that it has never been stronger. There are a number of reasons that it makes sound commercial sense for some drivers to rent rather than buy at the moment and I need to be sure that my business can deal with the increased demand.

“That’s why I was one of the first customers to order new cabs, when The London Electric Vehicle Company re-opened its doors for sales, especially given the waiting times involved.

“I chose to buy TX4s because ultimately the iconic black cab is the taxi that my customers want to rent and the taxi that their passengers want to travel in. That’s why I intend to purchase a further 20 new TX4s to add to my fleet before the end of the year.”

John took over running the family business, which consists of a taxi repair garage and fleet rental network, in 1991.The vehicles were handed over by new Fleet Customer Relationship Executive Tony Snooks and UK Retail General Manager James Dennison.

For more information on the new, enhanced TX4 or to talk about Approved Used vehicles, call the new team at the Brewery Road dealership on 0207 700 088 or alternatively, email them at london@london-taxis.co.uk