On behalf of LEVC Management Team.

Yesterday evening the fire service was called to the rear entrance of LEVC’s Holyhead Road site to deal with a large wooden fence that had caught on fire. The fence separates the LEVC site from the houses behind and is 3 metres from the Holyhead Road production site. The fire service quickly dealt with the blaze and other than some minor damage to roof panels caused by the heat from the fire LEVC’s site was unaffected and there are no operational implications. We understand that no one has been harmed in the fire and the fire service continues to investigate the cause.

Our internal processes worked well and information was quickly shared with LEVC’s management team and communications team. The Coventry Telegraph reported the incident last night and published some dramatic looking pictures which have been shared on social media. We have now contacted the Coventry Telegraph to update them and will share a statement on social media.

Please direct any media or stakeholder inquiries to David Ollier (dollier@levc.com / 07966389656).

Thank you to team at Holyhead Road for their quick and professional response.