Iconic Fairway sculpture graces Queen's Terminal at Heathrow!

When Heathrow were looking for an iconic British symbol to grace the halls of the highly anticipated international Terminal 2 – also known as The Queen’s Terminal – they naturally settled on a mode of transportation that is recognised the world over – a Fairway London Taxi.

The team at Heathrow approached The London Electric Vehicle Company more than a year ago to discuss this extremely top secret art installation, with members of our team visiting Heathrow and the artist’s studio throughout the process to ensure that the integrity of our iconic vehicle was properly represented.

Commenting on the installation, Vice President Peter Johansen said: “The beauty of the Black Cab has been captured in this artistic impression of our iconic London Taxi.”

The Fairway, the central feature of the departure lounge, will be seen by more 20million passengers at T2 each year.

The sculpture, titled simply “London Taxi” was created by Benedict Radcliffe, who said: “It’s hard to think of a more instantly recognisable motor vehicle, British or otherwise, than the FX4 Black Cab.”