Inside LEVC

A behind-the-scene tour of the electric taxi's production facility


If you’ve ever wondered how an electric taxi is built, or what takes places inside 31,000 m2 of manufacturing space, join us as we take you Inside the world of LEVC.

Through pictures, videos and interviews with staff, we’ll take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of our electric vehicle manufacturing plant at Ansty, Warwickshire. From robotic machining to state-of-the-art laser tooling - find out how we build electric vehicles the LEVC way.



Over 3,000 pallet locations are spread across 20 aisles, each a dizzying 10 metres high.

Efficiency starts in the stacks

The aisles and 'shop floor' are home to an abundance of nuts, bolts, panels, engines and other parts, and managing this complexity requires a high number of standard processes and systems.

Storage racking and picking equipment allows for excellent inventory visibility which plays an important role in organising warehouse space. To increase picking accuracy and speed, components are stored in relation to their frequency and order with which they're to be used on the vehicle - this also helps reduce the risk of damage.


The right partners

Every component in the warehouse is sourced from a strategically-selected supply base which contains the largest and most technically-capable Tier 1 suppliers of the automotive industry.

Each supplier is viewed as an important business partner with whom we work hard to forge collaborative relationships based on progression and dependability. Through close day-to-day communication, not only can we quickly take heed of new ideas, we also build long-term partnerships for shared and on-going product development.

Strict supply chain governance means we only source from accredited suppliers who adopt ethical business practices and abide by the LEVC Code of Conduct policy.


Our supply base contains the largest & most technically-capable Tier 1 suppliers of the automotive industry.


Becoming green through lean

With an annual capacity of 24k vehicles, each with thousands of individual parts, our logistics flow is intricate and vast, so it's essential we source material and components responsibly.

Parts for our vehicles are delivered by a pull-based lean manufacturing system. This means vehicles are not produced unless there's a specific demand, and replacement parts are not acquired before existing items have been used. These operational measures remove unnecessary inventory, in turn lowering our impacts from transporting materials to our factory.

By introducing environmental thinking into our supply chain management, we become more efficient and eliminate waste.

Over 2,000 individual parts are used to build each taxi.
As well as optimising our inbound transport flow, we aim to increase our outbound logistics efficiencies to avoid endangering the environment.
As well as optimising our inbound transport flow, we aim to increase our outbound logistics efficiencies to avoid endangering the environment.

Sustainable logistics

We increasingly work towards reducing waste from our outbound logistics too, and explore ways to minimise the environmental impacts from transporting finished vehicles to customers.

It’s common for some transports to transit partial loads which results in more trips to transport the same volume of products. We aim to remove waste from our outbound logistics by ensuring our transporters carry full loads where ever possible. This leads to a reduction in the volume of transporter required on the road, resulting in increased process efficiency and minimised CO2 emissions.

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Each body structure is built on site with 400 pieces of aluminium in a clean air environment - with positive air pressure & air locks.
Taxis waiting on the AGV (Autonomous Guided Vehicle) platforms which travel independently between sub-assembly lines. ​