UK’s first dedicated car factory to produce electric vehicles


Our purpose-built factory and headquarters at Ansty is a 37,000 m2 showcase of our commitment to the future of electric vehicles. At full production, we will be producing 20,000 units a year, and we’ve already produced over 1,000 new jobs, making a hugely positive impact on the local and wider economies. With dedicated, onsite training facilities, Ansty will not only see us build more vehicles than ever before, but also see more uniquely trained professionals contributing to our engineering and design talent pools.


Greg Clark, Business and Energy Secretary said

"Our iconic black cabs are famous across the world. The London Electric Vehicle Company’s impressive new factory and R&D facility showcases the innovation that makes the UK a world leader in the development of new automotive technologies."

The home of commercial electric vehicles


Built from scratch in just over a year, our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant represents an investment of more than £300 million, and a commitment to making the cities of the future a cleaner environment through the electrification of urban transport.

Housing a research and development centre, as well as manufacturing, quality and testing facilities, our new Headquarters became the UK's first plant dedicated entirely to the production of electric propulsion vehicles - and the first manufacturing plant to be built in over 10 years.


Sustainability ingrained throughout

Innovative building design and sustainable initiatives help minimise our energy demand and carbon footprint; making the entire premises an exemplar of energy efficiency.

The Headquarters and plant received an 'Excellent' rating from BREEAM - the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for buildings which, among other criteria, score a building on energy demand, energy consumption and CO₂​ emissions; as well as an A Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating - a Governmental guideline that scores the energy-efficiency of a building.


Energy Saving 

Reducing the energy needed for lighting is paramount as we work towards sustainable manufacturing.

Throughout the production halls innovative roof design and glazing maximise daylight, achieving 15% roof lighting. A 81 m2 glazed wall delivers diffused daylight on to the assembly line, and gives passersby a clear window into the world of the LEVC.

The introduction of natural light creates an appealing day lit working space and crucially, by daytime allows us to dim the lighting to our reduce energy demand.

Inside LEVC making an electric vehicle
As well as the numerous health & well being benefits, the introduction of natural daylight helps reduce our energy demand.
Inside LEVC making an electric vehicle
As well as the numerous health & well being benefits, the introduction of natural daylight helps reduce our energy demand.

Claiming rain & making use of it

Intricate rainwater harvesting systems repurpose 'run-off’ rain water from across the premises. 750,000 gallons of rainfall is collected through guttering and channeled to an underground storage tank, where it's kept for use independent from the main water supply.

Collected rainfall serves a multitude of tasks around the facilities, from use in vehicle leak testing, to flushing toilets and washing vehicles; enabling us to reduce our demand on the mains water supply.

Taking a shine to solar

365 photovoltaic solar panels adorn on the roof, catching the sun's energy and converting it into electricity which is used to power machinery and lighting across the premises. This clean, renewable source of energy helps us further reduce our carbon footprint.

Sophisticated VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) and heat recovery systems are deployed in the office spaces, recovering waste heat from around the building, and using it to heat other rooms and water. Because the refrigerant flow is regulated based on need, these systems are more energy-efficient, again reducing our carbon footprint.

Inside LEVC making an electric vehicle
Photovoltaic solar panels generate green electricity from sunlight which is used across the premises.


A focus on flexibility

Thanks to an integrated production strategy, our flexible assembly line is capable of producing multiple vehicles on the same track; enabling us to switch between manufacturing clean, zero-emission capable taxis and vans with ease. At full capacity the line is capable of producing 20,000 electric vehicles each year.


Harmonising people with their working environment

As a home to over 500 staff and state-of-the-art machinery, it's important that productivity and well being are aligned.

All 31,000 mof the production area, and 7,000 m2 of office space spread across three floors, have been designed in accordance with Feng Shui and philosophical system; an ancient Chinese practice which guides the design of an working space so it brings out the best of those who operate in it.

Inside LEVC making an electric vehicle
The ancient practice of Feng Shui has been adopted to optimise the environment we operate in.

Follow us on online social media as we delve deeper inside the world of LEVC. Discover exactly what takes place at each stage of the vehicle production process. Of course, being 'People Driven', our people are at the core of our business. In this section we'll also bring bring you closer to individuals delivering our sustainable vision; from the staff with decades of experience to those embarking upon a new career in the STEM sector, we'll tell the stories behind the people of LEVC.

Inside LEVC making an electric vehicle
Over 3,000 pallet locations are spread across 20 aisles, each a dizzying 10 metres high.
Inside LEVC making an electric vehicle
The latest robot adhesive systems ensure the exact shape, length & cubic centimeter of adhesive is applied to the vehicle glass.
Inside LEVC making an electric vehicle
This taxi is suspended on the Electric Monorail System (EMS) awaiting fitment of underbody systems.