LEVC at IAA 2019: Brand reveals rapid growth in European sales


Iconic taxi brand reveals rapid growth in European sales


10 September 2019, Frankfurt

  • TX ‘Shuttle’ displayed by LEVC at Department for International Trade stand at IAA New Mobility World area (UK Pavilion, Hall 5, Stand No: D06) from 10th September to 15th September
  • London EV Company (LEVC) is ramping up plans to drive sales of its green mobility solutions across Europe
  • Maker of the iconic London black taxi, now reborn as the world’s most advanced zero emission taxi, opens a new central European sales office in Frankfurt

At IAA 2019, the London EV Company (LEVC), is displaying its electric TX ‘Shuttle’ as part of the IAA New Mobility World at the Department for International Trade (DIT) stand in hall 5.

LEVC sees major demand in Europe for shuttle versions of the TX Taxi. The TX Shuttle is based on its electric taxi, featuring the same eCity Technology, merging 129km (80 miles) of zero emissions capability with range-extended flexibility giving a total range of 607km (377 miles).

It offers passengers a comfortable and luxurious cabin capable of taking six passengers, alongside charging points for mobile phones and laptops, on-board Wi-Fi and a panoramic roof. The TX Shuttle shares the same DNA as the electric taxi and now offers mobility and shuttle services the opportunity to specify the vehicle to their own unique needs, building features as required for their business use. This makes the ‘Shuttle’ product ideal for on-demand public transport and taxi services across Europe and the rest of the world.

Focus on Europe and beyond

New products such as the TX Shuttle and light commercial vehicle, the LCV van, will create further growth in Europe. By 2022, LEVC expects that 70 percent of the vehicles built at Ansty will be for the export market while the remaining 30 percent will service the UK.

A vital element of this export strategy is the establishment of a central European sales office, based in Frankfurt and, with the strong support of Volvo Germany’s dealer network and finance and insurance infrastructure, LEVC is building an established network to cover the growing demand from existing and future customers.

LEVC has already identified sales opportunities across Germany, Denmark and France adding to LEVC’s current markets of Norway, Sweden, Hong Kong and Malaysia and fitting with LEVC’s aim to have fleets of TXs in major cities around the world by 2024.

The numbers speak for themselves. Combined, the cabs have prevented 6,800 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere – the same as 1,500 return flights from London to Sydney – and they’ve reduced NOx emissions, the major contributor to poor urban air quality, by 99.5 per cent over the previous taxi.

They have also travelled a combined distance of 21 million miles, the equivalent of driving around the world 845 times – or 45 trips to the Moon and back – and have dramatically cut fossil fuel usage, preventing 850,000 litres of fuel from being pumped, saving drivers a total of £3.85 million or around £100 per week each compared to running the old diesel cab.

For passengers – 13 million have ridden in the new TX so far – the benefits are just as compelling. As well as the panoramic glass roof and greatly improved comfort, including the ability to take a forward-facing wheelchair (the only taxi of its type to do that), those who have sat in the back of TX have enjoyed staying connected too. Since January 2018, a combined 45 million gigabytes of data have been used, thanks to TX’s onboard WiFi. 

And the TX is not just making an impact in London. Of course, the capital naturally remains LEVC’s biggest market with around 2,000 vehicles from the 2,500 total operating north (and south) of the river, but the TX is also available in over 20 cities across the UK, including Birmingham, Coventry, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh. It’s proved extremely successful overseas too, with sales in Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Joerg Hofmann, CEO of LEVC, commented:

"The TX Taxi has been a huge success with 2500 vehicles sold in the UK – and across Europe. It has proved that taxi drivers have become converts​ of green logistics, with major benefits in terms of cost savings, while for commercial vehicle operators the e-City range extender technology takes away range anxiety once and for all. 

“The time is right for a new green mobility provider, cities are faced with ever-growing populations and the challenge of air quality. With our zero emission TX Taxi, TX Shuttle and LCV, we can change the way people and goods are moved around an urban area. 

“Our overall growth strategy is supported by export sales into new markets together with a new range of products. Our goal is to be the leading European green commercial mobility solution provider and I have every confidence we will achieve that ambition."

LEVC has achieved strong sales figures this year, with record sales month-on-month since April. The all-electric TX has been officially selected as the vehicle for the new on-demand public transport service in Offenbach in Germany and recently formed part of the VIP shuttle service at the AvD Old-timer Grand Prix held at the Nürburgring.

LEVC is also currently working with University of Duisenberg-Essen and the city of Cologne to determine the possibility of creating inductive charging for the TX fleet, meaning the LEVC products may not need to be plugged in.

Since 2014, GEELY has invested more than £500m into the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC), allowing it to build an entirely new manufacturing facility in Ansty, Coventry and to develop the TX Taxi, a vehicle which has been a huge success with 2500 examples sold in the UK and throughout Europe.

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