London Electric Vehicle Company donates sports equipment to Nanjing Childrens home

On the eve of the opening of the 2014 Youth Summer Olympics in Nanjing and inspired by the concept of "Share the Games, Share our Dreams", The London Electric Vehicle Company (Shanghai) has taken a leading role in supporting the games, and assisting local charities.

To encourage a greater number of children to partake in the games and to further understanding of the Olympic spirit, The London Electric Vehicle Company (Shanghai) has partnered with the British Consulate General Shanghai to donate sports equipment to the Nanjing Children's Welfare Home on August 14th 2014 as a way of promoting sports culture.

Great Britain Team members who have flown to China to take part in the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics were invited to take part in the donation ceremony by Mr. Brian Davidson, the British Consul General in Shanghai. The team members will be on hand during the donation ceremony in Nanjing to help spread the ideals of the Olympic spirit, sports culture as well as British culture.

Through the strength of the Olympic Spirt, the London Electric Vehicle Company (Shanghai) is aiming to not only stimulate the children’s interests in sport but also to reinforce the concept of personal endeavor and perseverance so that all children can embrace the confidence and happiness of sports. The presence of athletes from Team Great Britain will no doubt lead to a high level exchange of ideas and help give Chinese children an unlimited development potential for sports undertakings.

Teachers from the Nanjing Children Welfare Home expressed their gratitude to London Electric Vehicle Company (Shanghai) for their care and interest in their children. Teachers from the facility believe that the children's horizon will be broadened through interaction with the British guests. In addition, the children will be able to enjoy more physical exercise in their early development period where we will be able to promote the all round development of morality, intelligence and physique.

The London Electric Vehicle Company (Shanghai) will continue to follow the development of the Nanjing Children's Welfare Home with our continual support. The company is aiming to garner wider support from the public so that the children maybe immersed in the warmth and happiness of wider society.