London Taxi Company launches limited edition Union Flag TX4s

London Electric Vehicle Company launches limited edition Union Flag TX4s

7 June 2013

The London Electric Vehicle Company has launched a very patriotic limited edition paint job for new black or white TX4 Elegances purchased through any of its UK dealerships, for the princely sum of £0!

Customers can now order Union Flag bonnet and wing mirror paintwork at point of sale and the company’s production team at Coventry will create the bespoke bonnets as part of the normal delivery process.

Drivers can choose to have a full colour Union Flag on a white vehicle, or a silver version on a black TX4. The silver flag on black has already proved to be the favourite with a couple already on order, just a week into launch.The company has limited total production of this free paint work to just 100 TX4s in total.

Commenting on the very British paint job, UK Customer Relationship Manager,
Lorenzo Bugliari said: “The paint work is really striking and we’ve had loads of positive comments from customers who have seen the display model at Brewery Road.

“The team up at Coventry are working hard processing vehicles through the Product Enhancement programme, but it’s a great example of the expertise that we have at our disposal up at the factory. I think they both look brilliant, but my favourite is the black Elegance with silver, because it really looks the part with the chrome pack and grille.”

For more information, or to order your limited edition TX4, speak to a member of the Customer Relationship team at any London Electric Vehicle Company dealership: either at London – 0207 700 0888, Coventry – 02476 572040 or Manchester –0161 831 3434.