Production jobs announced in Coventry!

As The London Electric Vehicle Company gears up to restart production at the Coventry factory, Vice President of UK Operations Peter Johansen had some great news for ex-colleagues made redundant during the administration process.

More than 70 ex-production members will be offered the chance to apply for 32 vacancies, with a view for low-level production to start in mid-August.

Full-scale production is currently planned in for September.

Peter said: “That we’re now in a position to start production recruitment is great news
for us, for the trade and for Coventry. I know that the entire team takes great pride in our vehicle. I look forward to welcoming back some of the craftsmen who will help us continue to produce our iconic black cab.

“The fundamental difference in the new company, through our parent company Geely,
is that we finally have the capital required to develop products and to invest in our future. This is an exciting time for us all; it’s all the more gratifying that we’ll be able to bring back some of the old team to share in this exciting future.”

So far, since the company reopened on 1 February 2013, they have recruited 38 new members of staff, with plans to attract another 58 across the UK (including the 32 production vacancies).

To date, the company has sold more than 215 new TX4s and approximately 140 used vehicles into the UK market; they have also secured orders for more than 800 internationally, including 200 into Saudi Arabia.

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