Production to restart on Enhanced TX4 with VM Engine

Production to restart on Enhanced TX4 with VM Engine

16 August 2013

With production due to re-start at the Coventry production facility at the end of the summer, The London Electric Vehicle Company can confirm that it will continue to build enhanced TX4 Style and Elegance with engines from its current supplier, VM Motori.

The company is aware of some customer concerns regarding the 2.5l engine, so has been working closely with the Italian engine manufacturer and a number of partners across the trade, investigating methods to improve the engine's efficiency and effectiveness.

Three important principles have been identified which, when correctly combined and applied, have led to dramatic improvements in performance and reliability, as well as reduced risk of possible engine failure.

COOLANT: Getting the right mix

If any vehicle does not have its coolant concentration maintained at a 50% coolant and 50% water mix at all times – regardless of the season - oxidisation of aluminium components can occur which causes particles to slowly build up within both the heater and radiator matrices. This in turn triggers a sequence of events which can lead to blockages in the oil gallery, rising engine temperatures and eventually, engine failure. It is therefore vital that drivers understand the importance of maintaining a 50/50 coolant/water mix ALL YEAR ROUND.

OIL: Getting the right specification

Gone are the days when you could use any 20w/50 specification oil in your vehicle. It is now vital that you use a fully-synthetic, low SAPS (Sulphated Ash and Phosphorus-Sulphur), 10w40 specification oil in your engine. Failure to use the right oil can result in a number of issues, including bore glazing, bore polishing and, specific to Euro 5 vehicles, blockages in the Diesel Particulate Filter. As well as ensuring that an engine runs smoothly, the right oil will also keep your engine clean and free from contaminants.

SERVICING: Getting the right maintenance

Ensuring that your TX4 is serviced correctly and in line with manufacturer’s servicing schedule is vital in order to protect the integrity of your engine. Servicing your vehicle correctly dramatically improves vehicle and engine life expectancy; it acts as a preventative measure, as it provides an opportunity for mechanics to diagnose potential failures early and, therefore reduce or eliminate maintenance and parts costs.

The company has launched a campaign in order to drive home these fundamental principals of engine maintenance to new and existing customers, which will be supported by their Approved Service Dealer network. It will also be raising awareness of its range of oils (£5.95 for 1litre) and coolant (£4.45 for 1litre), created by Morris Lubricants, which are available from any London Electric Vehicle Company dealership or Approved Service Dealers.

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