The London Electric Vehicle Company confirms pricing for its cleanest TX4 ever

Following two years of development and an investment of more than £10 million, The London Electric Vehicle Company has confirmed that the Euro 6 compliant TX4 will go on sale from 1st September 2015. It will retail at £42,795 for the company’s most popular model, the TX4 Elegance Automatic.

The price of the Euro 6 TX4 reflects the increased build costs involved in producing a vehicle that delivers superior environmental performance. The new model offers a NOx emissions reduction of two thirds compared to the current model through the introduction of a new 2.8 litre diesel VM engine.

Commercial director, Richard Gordon said:

“We have invested heavily to ensure the Euro 6 TX4 delivers much lower NOx emissions than its predecessor making it the cleanest cab we’ve ever produced. This comes at a time when we’re also spending significantly to develop our Zero Emissions Capable taxi for 2017.

In developing the Euro 6 TX4 we have focused not only on meeting the latest regulatory requirements but also on delivering to our customers a taxi that will be smoother, quieter and more environmentally efficient than its predecessors.”

Further details about the Euro 6 TX4 will be announced at the time of launch.

Euro 5 TX4s (Elegance Automatic) are available at £39,195 while stocks last.

Please contact for further information.