The London Electric Vehicle Company welcomes the Mayor’s support for the licensed taxi trade

  • Mayor of London reinforces support for licensed taxi trade
  • Proposals to maintain 15 year age limit and introduce a scrappage scheme
  • TfL double enforcement team in war on illegal touting in the capital

The London Electric Vehicle Company has welcomed the announcement of a raft of positive measures to support the licensed taxi trade as it moves towards a low emission, high technology future.

The proposals, set out by the Mayor of London and TfL, include the intention to consult on maintaining the 15 year age limit on taxis, a potential scrappage scheme for older vehicles, a crack down on illegal touting and a curb on the unsustainable growth of the mini cab sector in London.

Commenting on the announcement, Chief Executive Officer of The London Electric Vehicle Company, Peter Johansen, said:

“Today’s announcements should provide a confidence boost to the licensed taxi trade in London following a tough first half of the year. The proposal to continue with the 15 year age limit will enable drivers to better plan their buying cycle and will bring back some much needed certainty to the market.

“The confirmation of taxi grants and a potential scrappage scheme for older vehicles is another vote of confidence in the significant investments the London Electric Vehicle Company is making to bring about the next generation of ultra low emission iconic London taxis.

“These latest developments follow impressive work undergone by trade organisations in collaboration with manufacturers and policy makers to support the trade as we move forward with new technologies and products.

“We now urge TfL and the Mayor’s Office to deliver on these proposals and to conclude the final stages of the age limit consultation quickly so the trade can focus on delivering the low emission, high technology future we all want to see.”

The London Electric Vehicle Company’s parent, Geely, is investing £250 million to research, develop and assemble a Zero Emissions Capable taxi here in the UK which will meet new emissions regulations being rolled in London and other major cities across the world. The future London taxi will be available in the UK in late 2017 and will set a new global benchmark for purpose built taxis and environmental performance.

The project is the largest-ever investment in the UK taxi industry, and follows significant spending to develop a new Euro 6 compliant taxi on sale later this year.