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Whether it's half a dozen friends on the back heading for a night out, a freshly cleaned taxi recharging at home, or something taken off-the-cuff on the street. Enter your best photo of The Electric Taxi in our monthly competition. We’ll choose and publish the best on our online platforms each month and the winner will receive a £100 Gift Voucher.

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  • Suggested Content: TX - iconic vehicle, iconic location, building, city, landscape; Passenger Power, feedback, famous faces; A day in the life a driver; #Spotted
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  • Landscape orientation works best
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Congratulations to Micky Jones who recently took delivery of his Storm Grey TX; and who also has one of the best personalised number plates ever - MJ05 CAB.

It was love at first sight for Micky: "as soon as I saw the new cab I was impressed, the looks drew me in. Looks fantastic."... then after learning more about the eCity technology, new features and the fuel savings available, he was sold.

Mick has been driving hackney cabs for ten years and thinks TX is by far the best. "What a revolution, this cab really is the way forward." he said. "Clean and comfortable, the passengers all like it. I’ve had no regrets, it’s the best cab by far."

Cheers Micky be lucky!


Sometimes it's the little things... Harrison has been desperate to travel in one of the new electric taxis every time he's been up to London, and recently he got the chance. Not only that but the cabbie was lovely in entertaining all of Harrison's questions and even letting him and his mother Donna off the fare! To Harrison and Donna we extend our congratulations for being the first winner of our TX Photo Competition, and to the taxi driver, we’d like to send a special thank you.

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