At LEVC engineering is in our DNA. Working in collaboration with the biggest and most technically-capable tier 1 supplier of the automotive industry, our team offer unrivaled experience in automotive design, production and quality control.


Taking advantage of on-site facilites and a permanent base at MIRA.

Our extensive knowledge and experience of building urban commercial vehicles for over 90 years ensures that we're placed for the new shift in EV.

Making a sustainable choice of an EV does not compromise performance. 


The Importance of quality is represented by the physical size of the quality area in the factory.

Every vehicles enter a rigorous onsite ‘Quality Loop’ where Quality control technicians ensure componentry fully meets our specification. Technicians conduct full vehicle, sub system and single component audit activity during the quality checks.

In the Audit Bay, sample vehicles where every aspect is closely scrutinised by a team of specialists and a quality “score” is determined.


Our suppliers are considered industry leaders in terms of product quality and consistency. Every component in the warehouse is sourced from a strategically-selected supply base which contains the largest & most technically-capable Tier 1 suppliers of the automotive industry.


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