2017 - 2018

London EV Company (LEVC) respects and supports internationally proclaimed human rights principles and strives to ensure that the company does not abuse any part of such principles.

Our commitment to human rights is included in the LEVC Code of Conduct policy and includes the following: non-discrimination and equal opportunities, no child labour, no modern slavery, freedom of association and collective bargaining, as well as ensuring the health and safety of our employees. Forced labour, including debt bondage, trafficking and other forms of modern slavery, is not accepted in our business. We do not engage in or support the use of modern slavery nor shall any employee be required to deposit identity papers at the start of employment.

As an OEM of commercial vehicles, LEVC has established a new manufacturing plant in the UK to produce a brand-new range of vehicles with components sourced from a strategically selected supply-base and distributed through a carefully selected international dealership network. During 2017 LEVC has embarked upon establishing an entirely new supply-base and dealer network (Business Partners). The selection process for Business Partners is clear that LEVC does not accept modern slavery, including child or forced labour nor physically abusive disciplinary practices at our suppliers, dealers or other business partners. All Business Partners are required to abide by the LEVC Code of Conduct [document ref.] which includes specific provisions, inter alia, covering child and forced labour.

Through 2018 LEVC will source from accredited suppliers across 26 countries and engage dealers across 12 countries. Territories are graded using global slavery indexes coupled with our corporate experience and rigorous selection process; whilst in excess of 95% of our Business Partners operate in lower risk territories, and LEVC’s closest scrutiny applies in high-risk instances, we remain vigilant regarding the risks of labour exploitation at the lower tiers of the supply-chain in nominally ‘low-risk’ territories also. These principles will be incorporated in our staff development and training strategy.

A Business Partner assurance programme will include re-auditing of Business Partner sites to ensure ongoing adherence to LEVC standards. Lack of co-operation with or violation of our Code of Conduct and/or applicable laws may result in an end to the business relationship with LEVC.

This statement has been adopted by LEVC’s Board of Directors on the 26th of September 2017.

London EV Company Ltd.


Chris Gubbey

Chief Executive Officer