Employee Referral Programme - VN5

Employee Referral Programme - VN5

Eligibility & Rules

London EV Company Limited (LEVC) operates this referral scheme (LEVC Electrify) at its discretion and may withdraw the LEVC Electrify scheme at any time without notice. The LEVC Electrify scheme applies only to VN5 vehicle sales generated from employee referrals that comply with the LEVC Electrify referral process as set out by the marketing and/or sales team from time to time.


  • Only employees of LEVC shall be eligible to participate in the LEVC Electrify scheme.
  • Exceptions (not eligible) - Employees working in the LEVC sales department or engaging existing LEVC suppliers through the Purchasing supplier engagement initiative shall not be eligible to participate in the LEVC Electrify Scheme. 

Any employee who is unsure whether they are eligible to participate in the LEVC Electrify Scheme should request confirmation by emailing electrify@levc.com.

LEVC Electrify Rules

  • All payments under the LEVC Electrify scheme are made at the sole discretion of LEVC.
  • Before making a referral, you will ensure the contact has provided their consent for you to share their details for marketing and promotional purposes.
  • Payment of referral bonus shall be made by LEVC to the employee on completion of a valid VN5 sale to an eligible referral.
  • Payments shall be paid to the employee with their monthly salary in the month following completion of the relevant sale, less applicable taxes (including PAYE and national insurance).  For the avoidance of doubt any referral bonus shall not be treated as pensionable earnings. 
  • LEVC shall be under no obligation to complete a sale or to provide marketing information to any individual or company introduced to LEVC through the LEVC Electrify scheme.  All sales shall be at the full discretion of LEVC. 
  • Where an employee refers an individual or company that has (i) already been contacted by LEVC; or (ii) has been previously referred to LEVC by another employee or third party; or (iii) is an existing supplier to LEVC (including suppliers responding to RFQ’s) no referral bonus shall be due to the employee in relation to such referral.
  • Any questions or concerns over the operation of the LEVC Electrify scheme should be raised by email to electrify@LEVC.com, all decisions of LEVC’s over the operation of the LEVC Electrify scheme shall be final.