HP Hire purchase explained | LEVC


Ideal if you like to budget & know the exact repayment amount each month & want to own taxi outright

How it works

Decide upon the new or used taxi for you.

Agree on an initial deposit and how long you'd like the agreement to run for. Our agreements typically run between 2-5 years on new taxi.

Upon credit approval, you can drive away in your new taxi and after you've made all repayments, you have nothing further to pay.

What's more, there are no annual mileage conditions.

The London EV Company has worked alongside the country’s professional drivers for over a century, and we are dedicated to helping you find the best deal on a quality cab. Whether you’re looking for a brand new black cab or an approved used vehicle, we can arrange a Hire Purchase finance plan to suit your needs.

Obtaining a black cab on Hire Purchase enables you to manage your finances more effectively. With a straightforward, no frills service, you pay a low deposit, followed by affordable monthly installments over a one to five-year period. Once you have made your final payment, the cab is yours. You may also have the option of returning the cab to the London EV Company, providing it is in fine condition.

Benefits of a Hire Purchase plan include extensive warranties for both new and used models. You will also be covered for road tax, RAC membership, service and MOT. Some of our offers also include a full tank of fuel, cashback on your deposit and upgraded interior technology. Whichever model and type of Hire Purchase plan you choose, the London Electric Vehicle Company ensures that you, your job and your livelihood are protected and that your finances are sufficiently managed.

Through our range of Approved Used and brand new black cabs, we endeavor to find a model that suits you and that maintains the pride of the job. Our models are fitted with the latest and most efficient engines, complying with legislation and setting the high standard of taxi services for you and your community.