New Pay as you Drive finance | Buy new electric taxi with PAYD

Octopus Pay as you Drive finance lets drivers

spread the cost of purchasing, maintaining & protecting their electric taxi more flexibility.... linking payments to earnings


Only pay for the miles you drive

With Pay as you Drive, similar to traditional energy bill, drivers are billed each month based on usage; in this case, the distance their taxi has travelled.

That means drivers have the freedom to enjoy time off without having the weight of a scheduled taxi repayment on their shoulders.





Giving you flexibility

If you're a driver who experiences seasonality in your work, or that takes extended holidays, PAYD allows you to adjust the repayment on your taxi to reflect your earnings on a month-by-month basis.

That means there are no charges during periods of downtime and reduced charges for difficult months.

Only pay for the miles you drive & retain the pride of owning a black cab with manageable Price per Mile repayments
Own the vehicle from day one & keep your expenses low while maximising your earnings
In fact, the more you drive, the quicker the loan is repaid
Certified by the Islamic Council of Europe, Pay as you Drive offers a viable alternative to mainstream funding for drivers of an Islamic faith
Receive a free home charger if you switch to the fairly-priced green electricity provider Octopus Energy*
Choose from a range of extended warranties & service plan options, all available within affordable Price per Mile repayments
Get a personalised quote Let us calculate your estimated weekly payment, & the savings that you are likely to make on the fuel costs of your existing vehicle. Quotes are flexible and the contracted mileage and target contract duration can be adjusted to best suit your circumstances.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PAYD & how does it work?


Octopus tailors Pay as you drive packages to suit the individual customer’s usage, vehicle specification and deposit requirements, as per the below example:

As with all financial products, there are some sensible restrictions in place to ensure fair usage. For example, a minimum mileage applies to ensure the loan is repaid within the maximum period. This is calculated over a six-month period, which in this example would be 10,750 miles, meaning a 150,000-mile loan would take 7 years to pay back.

The mileage under contract can be tailored to how drivers use their vehicle, up to a maximum contracted mileage of 175,000 miles (and 7.5 years maximum duration).

If a vehicle consistently covers a low mileage over this time, a 6-monthly ‘catch-up’ payment would be required to maintain the price-per-mile for the remainder of the mileage.

Prices are subject to Retail Price Index (RPI), up to a maximum of 3%, to cover loan administration charges. This means that the price-per-mile is adjusted year-on-year based on inflation.

Drivers can choose to add or extend their service plan or vehicle warranty, and this is spread over the loan duration by adding a few pence to the per-mile cost.

All TXs supplied by Octopus are fitted with a small integrated telematics box at no additional cost. This box works in a similar way to a home smart energy meter; feeding mileage information from the odometer back to Octopus in real-time to ensure accurate monthly bills, without the need for manual readings or estimates

2. Who does PAYD appeal to, is it a fit for me?


Pay as you drive allows high-mileage drivers to repay the loan more quickly, without penalty and without committing to a higher weekly payment as would be the case with a shorter HP contract.

The types of drivers who have shown particular interest in Octopus Pay as you drive loans include:

Drivers that experience seasonality in their work or that take extended holidaysPay as you Drive offers them flexibility by allowing them to adjust the repayment on their taxi to reflect their earnings on a month by month basis
Drivers that generally cover lower mileage who are keen to own their taxiPay as you Drive allows for ownership with a low weekly finance payment versus traditional Hire Purchase (HP) by extending the repayment duration
​Drivers that share their taxi with somebody else and who don't want to be penalised or face higher PCP contract charges for higher than expected mileage.Pay as you Drive allows high-mileage drivers to repay the loan more quickly, without penalty and without committing to a higher weekly payment as would be the case with a shorter HP contract.

3. Is there a deposit required?


Yes. Deposits vary from £2,000 to £25,000 depending on what best suits your needs.

4. Is this financing Sharia compliant?


Yes. The profit share nature of this Pay as you Drive​ product has enabled Octopus to receive approval from the Islamic Council of Europe (ICE) that it is Sharia compliant. 

View formal approval  

5. Is there a balloon payment at the end of the contract?



6. Is a home charger included?


Yes; if the driver switches their home energy supply to our fairly-priced green electricity partner Octopus Energy, we will include a free 7kW tethered EV charger with the taxi (subject to the home energy supply remaining with Octopus Energy for at least 24 months).

7. But, what if I don't have a driveway?


Don't worry! We are working with technology partners to provide on-street charging solutions.

8. Who owns the vehicle at the start of the contract?


The driver.

9. Who owns the vehicle at the end of the contract?


The driver. 

10. Is there a minimum mileage required?


Yes, the driver must meet a minimum mileage every 6 months from the start of the loan. If not, they will be charged as if they had driven the minimum mileage (with the corresponding mileage deducted from their outstanding miles under contract). 

11. How long does the contract last for?


The contract is for a tailored mileage; so it depends on how many miles you drive per year. 

For example, if you average 25,000 miles per year and you choose to repay your loan over 150,000 miles, the minimum 6-month mileage is 10,750 miles, which would take 7 years to pay back. This duration is tailored to how the driver uses their vehicle. 

12. What kind of warranties and servicing do you offer?


We can cover the cost of LEVC’s warranty and servicing packages. So the driver can choose to include the servicing package of up to 5 years / 150,000 miles; and the ‘Extended warranty (5 years / 150,000 miles) or the Extended Plus warranty (up to 7.5 years / 150,000 miles for driveline components). NB: The drive battery warranty is fixed at 5 years with no mileage restriction.