Under the Bonner: eCity Technology

Under the Bonnet: eCity Technology



Since 2017 our TX electric taxi with eCity technology has helped transform cities around the world, reducing CO2 emissions while delivering true commercial value for its operators. Now, we are harnessing the driving force behind that success for the Commercial Vehicle sector. 


Powered by proven eCity technology, VN5 can complete the working day with minimal interruption. When other electric vehicles need to recharge, VN5 gives you operational performance, efficiency, and the confidence to keep working with no range anxiety. The fully electric powertrain and back-up range extender combine perfectly to offer new levels of operational flexibility and freedom. 


VN5 is always driven by an electric motor, positioned over the rear axles, and powered by the 31kW lithium-ion battery. When selected the range extender will trickle-charge the battery. This combination means VN5 can deliver zero tailpipe emissions, and efficient long-distance driving, depending on the drive mode selected. 


Three drive modes have been designed for optimal usability, letting you adapt VN5 in line with your working needs.

Operates purely on battery power with zero CO2 emissions.
Best for: Intra-urban driving where low emissions are required.

Uses the range-extender to preserve the battery's charge for later use.
Best for: Interurban driving when the driver wants to save the vehicle's zero-emission capabilities for later or where pure-electric operation is less efficient.

Automatically selects between power sources to deliver maximum efficiency.
Best for: Everyday driving, taking hassle away from the driver.

As an example, a driver could start the day at an out-of-town depot with a fully charged battery, and commute into the city on Save mode, preserving the full electric range for use in the urban environment.

Upon entering the emission-controlled city centre, the driver can switch to Pure EV mode. With 61miles* of silent running and zero tailpipe emissions, the driver can operate freely without incurring emission charges. Coupled with the two-stage regenerative braking system, Pure EV mode is perfectly suited to the stop-and-start traffic in city environments.

When city operations have been completed, if the battery is depleted and the driver prefers not to stop and recharge on-street, they have the freedom to switch, back to Save mode, use the range-extender to continue working, and complete the commute back to the depot.


As an example of how eCity technology delivers real-world benefits, imagine a delivery route from a warehouse near Heathrow Airport to four Central London delivery destinations, returning via the fastest route (M4). 

A VN5 can complete this round trip approximately six times in a day without recharging or refuelling. At the same time, it can operate on pure electric power with zero emissions in the London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). By comparison, the leading segment competitor would need to re-charge after approximately three roundtrips, or risk using petrol power in the ULEZ. The closest battery-only competitor would need to recharge after every round trip as it does not have the range for further deliveries.

VN5 offers superior total range, with the flexibility to tackle both long-distance journeys – previously viewed as out of bounds for an electric vehicle, and emission-controlled environments.

*In accordance with Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) figures (October 2020). These figures may not reflect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number of factors including accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle loads.

Pure EV range of 60.9 miles, official EAER (Equivalent All Electric Range) figure, achieved under WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure) test conditions.