The VN5 is ready to go whenever, and wherever you are. It is designed to maximise productivity, to minimise downtime, and to eliminate the need to interrupt the journey or switch vehicles to recharge.

VN5 gives you ultimate freedom when planning routes. Drive into an urban low-emissions zone, hop between delivery points, and leave the city for a high-speed journey – all without stopping or compromising the total range.

A TX using the same drivetrain can drive for a full day without having to return to a charge point, thanks to a maximum extended range of 313 miles.

If you wish to stop and recharge, VN5 can make use of on-street charging infrastructure. With access to slow, fast and rapid charge points, AC and DC charging, and multiple charge socket technologies, there’s no time spent finding ‘the right’ charger, giving you maximum flexibility between speed, cost and convenience.