Body Structure

The new electric taxi benefits from a revamped purpose-built body structure, which increases both space and safety for drivers and passengers.

Strong aluminium frame

Previous taxi models have been built from conventional steel, but the new model is constructed from bonded, anodised aluminium that is 30% lighter, with joins double the tensile strength of steel. In addition to providing better protection in the event of an accident, the structure’s lower weight is integral to improving performance and the range of the electric engine. The material also has a greater resistance to corrosion, reducing the likelihood of corrosion. The aluminium we use is also 90% recycled, further improving the taxi’s impressive environmental credentials.

Less downtime for repairs

The high strength of the new taxi’s external structure gives it greater resistance to impacts. This means that damage to internal components is less likely in the event of an impact, and also that repairs are likely to be quicker and easier with less effect on your insurance premiums. At the same time, the reduced susceptibility to corrosion is almost certain to bring down the cost of maintenance over the period of ownership.

The exterior body panels of TX are made from a tough composite material that’s flexible and resilient against light dents and knocks. The Axalta ‘Chromex Pro’ paint adopted for the taxi is also made to a new formulation which is more durable and reduces the chance of scratching or chipping. If damage does occur, the most vulnerable panels such as the bumpers and rear quarter panels are attached by bolts, meaning they can be quickly and easily replaced - just like our previous models.