Compare the cost of running TX to your current taxi

Here’s a typical example based on the working week of a London taxi driver in our current vehicle, who travels 120 miles per day, 5 days a week, covering 600 miles on a weekly basis.

TX4 LE (Euro 6)

We’ve adjusted the Official combined MPG (33 MPG) of a TX4 LE to a real-world figure of 26.1 MPG. With the current cost of diesel at 117.7p per litre, this would estimate your current weekly fuel spend at £138.98.

TX (The new Electric Taxi with eCity Technology)

In comparison, by owning a TX and charging the battery overnight you’ll be able to leave your house each day with a fully charged battery. We’ve adjusted the official projected range (70+ miles) to a real-world figure of 64 miles a day, or 320 miles a week. At the national average electricity price of 12p per kW, this is a weekly cost of £15.66.If you’re on an economy 7 tariff that cost could be even lower.

For this example, we’ve also assumed you’re able to stop for a total of 45 minutes each day to plug into a charge point. That’s enough for a further 40 real-world miles (if charging at a 22kW charge point) which, based on an average cost per kW of 21p, would cost £3.47 each day, or £17.33 per week.

In total this allows you to travel 104 miles a day or 520 miles per weekon pure electric energy. However, since you actually need to drive 120 miles per day the petrol range extender will be required to run long enough to charge the battery for the remaining 16 miles per day or 80 miles per week. At £116.7p per litre of petrol we estimate this range extender mileage would cost £10.11.

In total that’s a fuel cost of £43.10 per week for the new electric taxi compared to £138.98 a week in diesel to fuel a TX4, giving you a weekly fuel saving of £95.88. Over a 5-year period, the savings really add up, in fact the above example equates to a total fuel costs saving of £24,929.

The new TX is now available from just £177/week* including 3 years FREE servicing (up to 90,000 miles).

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