Battery Technology

Drive Battery

The new electric taxi’s lithium-ion drive battery has been extensively tested over millions of miles in all conditions to ensure that it never lets you down throughout the long working life of your vehicle. Our drive batteries are sourced through LG Chem, the world’s leading manufacturer of electric vehicle batteries, globally recognised for performance and quality.

Built to Last

The resilient metal casing around the battery protects it from being damaged by debris and impacts, as well as lifting or jacking by would-be thieves. The cells of the battery are also arranged in three different “strings”, meaning that it can continue to function even if it is damaged.

Cutting-edge technology and a sophisticated cooling system also ensures that the battery’s capacity remains at a high level, even after years of use. eCity technology also drastically reduces the ageing effect potentially caused by rapid charging, to the extent that there is virtually no difference when compared to trickle charging. As an unused battery gradually loses voltage over time, the drive battery of the new electric taxi has been designed to keep working even when the vehicle is relying solely on the range extender. Indeed, a taxi would have to be left unattended for a year for the battery to lose a significant amount of power.

Peace of Mind

Our drive battery comes with a comprehensive warranty of five years with unlimited mileage. And, to provide still greater peace of mind to drivers, LEVC are offering the opportunity to purchase a new taxi on Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), which allows customers to set an affordable monthly payment for up to five years. At the end of the contract (subject to fair wear and tear and mileage) the customer has the choice of returning the vehicle to LEVC or paying the rest of the sum required to gain full ownership. Whatever you choose, the five-year warranty acts as a guarantor of having an efficient and reliable drive battery during the agreement.

For further details about our drive battery, visit the “FAQs” page.