How to Charge

Unrivaled charging flexibility

The TX comes equip with a type 2 lead and a CCS socket – the most flexibile socket on the market (allowing fast and rapid charging). It is the new European standard, which is why on our vehicle it is standard. For example, you can use your type 2 lead, to charge from your 7kw wallbox at home, and then travel to a CCS rapid charger and plug straight in.

The TX e-City has unrivalled flexibility when it comes to charging, if you purchase this vehicle, you will be eligible for a homecharger grant, getting significant government contributions towards the purchase and installation of a homecharger, supplied and managed by Chargemaster. You can either charge via a 3.5kw domestic 3-pin, with type 2 connection that will take around 8 hours overnight. Or with a 7Kw wallbox/homecharger with type 2 connection, charging will take around 4 hours.

Fast charging won’t really be an immediate option for home charging, however, in the future we could start to see fast charging implemented in the home, which is why our vehicle charging options are future proof.

Charging TX is so easy plugging in will quickly become as much a part of your daily routine as recharging your mobile phone.

Thanks to the eCity technology you don’t have to stop and top up your battery during the day. The economic petrol range extender allows you to travel up to 400 miles before you need to plug in. This flexibility means you can stop and top up the battery each day, or simply plug in at night and by the morning you’ll have a fully charged battery ready for your next shift.

Where to Charge

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Charging on the Road

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Charging Speeds

Slow: 3kW

  • ​2,678 public connectors available in the UK*
  • This charge speed is known as ‘slow charging’ and in most cases a single-phase 13Amp three pin plug is used to draw the 3kw of power. 
  • A full charge typically takes 6-8 hours – 
  • ​Charge anywhere there’s a 120-volt, 3-prong outlet
  • ​​
  • Ideal for overnight charging
  • If you're on an Economy 7 tariff you may be able to charge at the lowest off-peak prices, usually overnight while you sleep

Fast: 7kW - 22kW

  • 7kW reduces the charge time dramatically by doubling the available current to 32 amps (7kw).
  • A full charge with 7kW takes between 3 to 4 hours
  • This is also suited to homecharging units, our partner, chargemaster installs their homecharge units rated at 7kw – it is powerful enough to provide efficient and quick charge times,
  • 7,067 Public Fast connectors available in the UK*
  • It is expected that 22kw charging will be the ‘minimum standard’ globally for future EV infrastructure implementation.
  • Dual on-board inverter chargers allow drivers to harness the full charging rate available

Rapid: 7kW - 22kW

  • Rapid chargers are either AC or DC chargers​
  • A full charge using either usually takes around 30-45 minutes
  • 682 Rapid AC connectors UK
  • AC chargers provide high power alternating current with power ratings up to 43kw
  • 1,448 Rapid DC connectors UK 50kW DC:
  • Rapid DC chargers are a high current direct power charger, with power ratings up to 50kW. 
  • This type of charger is best suited to quick stop locations, such as motorway services, taxi ranks, shopping centers and places that people are expected to stay only for a short amount of time
  • Not suitable for homecharging
  • We should expect to see more and more investment into rapid charging [link to article....]

* August 2017