SINCE 1908

We are LEVC. London Electric Vehicle Company.

Our company roots were planted in 1908. We’re the makers of the black cab, a British icon known around the world. Our spirit of innovation and commitment to sustainable mobility have put electrification at the heart of our business since 2017.



Our name and logo successfully combines our company’s 100-year plus heritage and its commitment to advanced EV technology.

The logo reconnects us with our past, whilst making a bold statement about our future, embodying the spirit and identity of a British automotive icon in the form of a purposeful winged horse.



When it comes to the health of people and the planet, there are no quick fixes. We believe it’s time to build an entirely new form of transport: one that respects the environment, helps reduce air pollution, and gives everyone a better experience of urban life.
Rather than adapt traditional models, we create totally new concepts from the ground up. We have rethought everything that goes into a vehicle – from powertrain to materials, construction techniques to smart features.


Following the rules isn’t in our DNA. We go beyond what’s expected, with a spark of creativity. That’s what makes our vehicles iconic, from the legendary FX taxi series to today’s cutting-edge EV range.
We built the world’s most advanced electric taxi.
Opened the UK’s first manufacturing plant dedicated entirely to the production of electric vehicles.
Became a centre of competence for electrification and lightweight construction with the Geely group.
Shattered preconceptions of what an electric van can do, manufacturing vehicles built for a sustainable lifespan of 15 years.

We pioneer vehicles that help us forge a sustainable tomorrow, and give their owners everything they need to prosper today.

  • The inspiration for the new brand logo came from a combination of our history, that of the taxi trade, and mythology
  • At the heart is the horse. The horse is where the taxi trade first began, with the horse and cart used to move people around the world
  • The horse displays many of the characteristics of LEVC’s products and the people that drive them; reliable, trustworthy, safe and always there to help & assist

  • The inspiration for the wings came from Pegasus; always there to help the Hero, go where others can’t go and do things others cannot.


From the core, we are a progressive, forward-looking company, respectfully aware of our past and the vision of our founders: to make vehicles that are the defining statement in their class. We remain committed and true to this concept, but also to growing our reach and brand across global markets.

That vision comes with a renewed responsibility to the environment. Our vehicles must meet the strictest emission standards in the world. Through the use of integrated EV technology and advanced materials, even the iconic black cab has gone green.

We will focus on major cities around the world that face the same challenges related to urbanization, poor air quality and the growing demand for safe, accessible point to point mobility.


With renewed focus on the negative effects of diesel engines, and restrictive legislation demanding new technology like zero emission vehicles, we are proud to be at the forefront of the move towards a greener future. Throughout our history, we have been driven by passenger needs. Now, the needs of the planet drive us, too.

As you might expect from the makers of next-generation electric vehicles, even our new factory has been built and designed to be green. Roof and groundwater is recycled, feeding a network of naturalised ponds that are home to numerous species, including protected rarities like the great crested newt. In fact, all water used on site is purified and recycled in this way.

LEVC are committed to making a positive difference and impact through technology and policy. By working with city planners and administrators, we can map out a better urban future, with our greener vehicles being the key.

We’ll help them meet clean air goals through zero-emission capability, and reduce traffic congestion with higher passenger capacities and class-leading manoeuvrability.


It is hard to imagine any backdrop of a movie or television programme set in London that doesn’t feature one of our vehicles. From Carry on Camping, to Captain America: Civil War, London, and Great Britain are often depicted on screen by the inclusion of just one vehicle: the iconic black cab.

During the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, both the FX4 and TX4 featured in a dazzling celebration of the capital, set upon a stunning Union Jack stage.

Tootles the Taxi, the titular hero of a popular Ladybird (another great British icon) children’s book, has appeared as both an FX3 and an FX4 in progressive editions. It’s no understatement to say that generations have grown up knowing our vehicles from the earliest of starts.