Proven eCity technology

Discover what makes TX the most advanced green taxi in the world

Purposefully designed for drivers facing demanding and unpredictable duty cycles, TX comprises of an advanced battery electric powertrain with a small petrol range extender to offer complete range assurance with a total range of 316 miles.

As well as giving you the freedom to operate as you normally do, eCity technology can also help the typical driver save approximately £100 per week on fuel, and spend approximately half as much on scheduled servicing compared to our current models.

A fully electric powertrain with range-extender, lightweight aluminium body structure, and the latest passenger and driver innovations make TX a true icon of the future, and the most advanced green taxi in the world.

TX Technology

Discover our range-extended electric, zero-emissions capable technology which reduces running costs & gives unrivalled range flexibility.
Tested over a million miles & backed up by an industry-leading warranty, the lithium-ion battery in TX has been built to last the entire life of the taxi.
TX features the latest Passive & Active Safety technology making it our safest taxi ever - giving peace of mind to all occupants & other road users.
Charging TX: Learn about the market-leading charging capability in TX, the most effective ways to recharge your taxi & how to find a charge point near to you.
We recognise the importance of a comfortable driver environment, which is why TX has been ergonomically & thoughtfully crafted for long hours at the wheel.
Beneath the stylish exterior of TX lies a bonded aluminium body structure, specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands & life expectancy of a purpose-built taxi.
Download our Price & Specification guide to help you create your perfect taxi in the right paint colour with the right options & accessories.
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There are some ways to adapt your driving style & habits to better suit the electric taxi. By following a few simple tips you can ensure you’re getting the best from your new TX.
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