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All-new Body Structure

Lightweight, highly durable, & easier to repair

Both TX and VN5 use the latest body structure technology widely adopted by high-end automotive, motorsport & aerospace industries, which we’ve adapted for the unique requirements of a commercial taxi

All aluminium frame

Unlike our previous models built from conventional steel, TX & VN5 are constructed entirely from anodised aluminium and bonded together using a hot cure adhesive.

This bonding process improves the vehicle's strength returning joints which are cohesive and well connected across the whole of the joint rather than at single points.

30% lighter than past vehicles, the aluminium frame maximises weight-savings to improve performance and the range of the electric engine. The use of aluminium, which is 100% recyclable, boosts the TX & VN5's green credentials even further​.

What's more, pound-for-pound aluminium can absorb twice the crash energy of mild steel, helping to make our new electric vehicles safer than ever.

TX Electric Taxi Bonded Body Structure

Quicker & easier to repair

Our vehicles are designed to resist damage, and be quick and easy repaired in order to minimise down time off the road.

Reference points are located in all of the key body structures. In the event of an impact we can use a portable measurement system to quickly verify whether damage is purely cosmetic and that the underlying structure has not been compromised.

The panel repair can then be confidently carried out by most body repair shops, without the vehicle being moved to a specialist bodyshop for appraisal.

If damage does occur, the most vulnerable panels such as the bumpers and rear quarter panels are attached by bolts, meaning they can be quickly and easily replaced - just like our previous models.

More resilient to damage

The exterior body panels of our vehicles are made from a tough composite material that’s flexible and resilient against light dents and knocks.

The high strength of our EV's external structure gives it greater resistance to impacts which also means that damage to internal components is less likely in the event of an impact.

TX Electric Taxi Bonded Body Structure

Assured quality

Designed and built from the ground up using the latest technology by a hugely-experienced team of experts recruited from across the automotive industry, TX benefits from unrivalled experience in the taxi trade.

Chris Staunton, Chief Engineer of Structures and Dave Stanton, Director of Quality explain the lengths we go to guarantee the quality of each and every vehicle which leaves our plant.

Compare running costs

By maximising the range offered driving on battery electrical energy, drivers of our current taxi to achieve a typical fuel saving of £100/week. Compare the running costs of TX against those of your current taxi.

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Charging flexibility

Learn about the market-leading charging capability of TX & VN5, the most effective ways to recharge your vehicle & how best to utilise the UK charging infrastructure.

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