All vehicles benefit from LEVC’s best-in-class battery warranty.

The drive battery has undergone our most rigorous test programme ever, being extensively tested over millions of miles, in the most extreme conditions and environments, to ensure it won’t let you down during its long working life. This exceptional guarantee demonstrates the confidence LEVC have in the performance and longevity of the battery.


An intelligent battery management system proactively works to prolong the life of the battery by maintaining its optimum temperature.

Over 40 separate electronic control units perform a variety of functions, including a cooling system dedicated to keeping the battery at exactly the right temperature, whether the vehicle is in use or charging.


Unlike other electric vehicles which rely upon passive Air Cooling Systems to manage the battery temperature, LEVC adopts an ultra-efficient Liquid Cooling System.

This active measure, widely adopted in high-end passenger EVs, circulates liquid refrigerant, not ambient air, to maintain the battery at a comfortable temperature; helping keep battery degradation to an absolute minimum. Consider air conditioning vs standard ventilation while waiting in traffic on a hot summer day.



The on-board control units also help protect the battery by reducing the risk of damage through overcharging. Once fully charged, the on-board systems prevent the battery from taking in more electricity than is needed.

During development engineers simulated charging the battery under different usage profiles, to ensure it always met the design objectives, regardless of how the vehicle is recharged.

Whether recharged slowly overnight or quickly using a rapid charger, in all cases the power available remained consistent, with no decline in performance.



As part of a multinational group, we have privileged access to the world’s biggest and best Tier 1 supplier of the automotive industry.

Our high-voltage drive batteries are supplied by LG Chem, the world’s leading manufacturer of electric vehicle batteries, globally recognised for their performance and quality.



All LEVC vehicles comply with the latest European directive of ELV 2000/53/EC. When the vehicle is at the end of its useful life, we must make sure that we complete the disposal, recovery and recycling with the minimum of effect on the environment.


A resilient metal casing around the battery protects it from being damaged by debris and impacts.

The cells of the battery are also arranged in three separate strings, meaning that the vehicle can continue to function even in the unlikely event of damage to one string.



There’s no lag, no revving-up or shifting gears – just instant torque the moment you put down the pedal.

The performance delivered is always consistent and is not linked to the state of battery charge or petrol range extender operation – so you always have smooth, effortless acceleration even when fully loaded.

To ensure our impact on the environment is minimised, we put in place a Battery Take-back scheme to ensure they can be disposed of correctly. Find out more about our Battery Take-Back Scheme here.

LEVC aims to improve the environmental performance of the high-voltage batteries in our vehicles. LEVC will take back any batteries in the vehicles we produce free of charge so that they can be disposed of properly. Simply contact us at by providing us your vehicle details, the location of the vehicle and your contact information.

*Subject to the warranty terms and conditions. Visit for details.