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The London Electric Vehicle Company is an internationally recognised brand, providing the nation and the rest of the world with the finest transport service. We are dedicated to maintaining our reputation as a high-quality taxi service and we champion the pride and professionalism of our drivers. For all the latest information on the industry and our people, browse our news pages for regular updates. 

From careers to competitors, technology to government, the London Electric Vehicle Company strives to keep its drivers and its passengers updated through our news pages. We report on important issues that affect us all, such as developments in legislation and financial changes. 

Not only have we been transporting passengers for over a hundred years, but we are proud to represent thousands of professional drivers in the taxi trade. We endeavor to provide drivers with relevant and significant news to ensure that you have the latest industry knowledge. By clicking on our Taxi Trade News page, you’ll find access to many different publications from London and around the country. We list many industry-specific publications including Unite for all of our union news, Mountview News for the radio taxi network, and Taxi, the London Taxi Drivers’ Association magazine.

Be sure to check back to our news pages regularly for updates. If you have any taxi industry news that you think is relevant and that you would like to share, get in touch to speak to a member of our marketing team.