LEVC celebrates production of the 2500th electric taxi

LEVC celebrates production of the 2500th electric taxi

TX is making a huge contribution to reducing urban harmful emissions across the UK & Europe


31 July 2019, London

  • London EV Company (LEVC) has hit a major milestone in sales of its all-new zero emissions capable taxi, the TX
  • Since January 2018, 2,500 electric taxis have been produced from its state-of-the-art factory in Ansty, Coventry
  • The world’s most advanced cab has been a hit with drivers, passengers and cities alike thanks to its green credentials, low running costs and onboard tech
  • The 2,500 cabs have already prevented 6,800 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, the equivalent to 1,500 return flights from London to Sydney
  • NOx emissions have been slashed by 99.5 per cent over the previous taxi
  • Some 850,000 litres of fossil fuel have not been pumped as a result and drivers have saved £3.85 million in lower fuel costs
  • The cabs have travelled 21 million miles, 845 times around the Earth, and collectively transported 13 million passengers


London EV Company (LEVC) is delighted to announce it has produced 2,500 examples of its all-new TX electric taxi – and the vehicles are already making a huge contribution to reducing urban emissions, not just in London but across the UK and in Europe too.

Marking this very special milestone at an event in Trafalgar Square, LEVC displayed the 2,500th TX to have been built by its state-of-the-art factory in Ansty, Coventry, where more than £500m has been invested by parent company GEELY into developing and manufacturing the world’s most advanced taxi since 2014.

The cabs have proved a major hit with drivers, passengers and cities alike thanks in no small part to the technology that lies underneath the re-imagined, yet still iconic bodywork: the TX eCity range extender powertrain, which allows the taxi to run in full electric mode for up to 80 miles, slashing emissions and driver running costs and giving passengers a quieter and more soothing ride.


The numbers speak for themselves. Combined, the cabs have prevented 6,800 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere – the same as 1,500 return flights from London to Sydney – and they’ve reduced NOx emissions, the major contributor to poor urban air quality, by 99.5 per cent over the previous taxi.

They have also travelled a combined distance of 21 million miles, the equivalent of driving around the world 845 times – or 45 trips to the Moon and back – and have dramatically cut fossil fuel usage, preventing 850,000 litres of fuel from being pumped, saving drivers a total of £3.85 million or around £100 per week each compared to running the old diesel cab.

For passengers – 13 million have ridden in the new TX so far – the benefits are just as compelling. As well as the panoramic glass roof and greatly improved comfort, including the ability to take a forward-facing wheelchair (the only taxi of its type to do that), those who have sat in the back of TX have enjoyed staying connected too. Since January 2018, a combined 45 million gigabytes of data have been used, thanks to TX’s onboard WiFi. 

And the TX is not just making an impact in London. Of course, the capital naturally remains LEVC’s biggest market with around 2,000 vehicles from the 2,500 total operating north (and south) of the river, but the TX is also available in over 20 cities across the UK, including Birmingham, Coventry, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh. It’s proved extremely successful overseas too, with sales in Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Joerg Hofmann, CEO of LEVC, commented:

On behalf of the 473 people who work for LEVC, from our new factory in Ansty to our long-standing base in Brewery Road and our dealers in the UK and Europe, I am extremely proud of this momentous achievement.
When this project began in 2014, we set out to make the world’s most advanced taxi, to distil over 70 years of cab-building knowledge into an all-new leader in urban zero emissions mobility. The endorsement from drivers is compelling while passengers love TX’s comfort, space and connectivity features​.
We are proud to be supporting the city of London in its efforts to improve air quality – and doing the same across the UK. In the very near future we will be further driving TX sales in Europe and expanding our range with a new LCV. Our goal is to be the leading European electric commercial vehicle provider​.


Shirley Rodrigues, London Deputy Mayor, added:

On behalf of the Mayor’s office, I would like to congratulate LEVC on its achievement of putting 2,500 electric taxis on the road. It is already playing a significant role in helping to improve London’s air quality and it is leading the way to a greener London taxi fleet​.
With the introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in April, London is leading the world in its commitment to dramatically improve the quality of the air our residents and visitors breathe. It is thanks to forward-thinking, adaptive and innovative companies like LEVC that we have our best chance to achieve our goals"

LEVC manufactures the world’s only purpose-built, range extended electric taxi from its state-of-the-art factory in Ansty, Coventry. Based on the TX, LEVC’s new light commercial vehicle CV will be made at the same facility. In the near future, LEVC will add to its commercial vehicle range with a new line-up of models that will use shared technology with GEELY Commercial Vehicles​.

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