Iconic Black Cab set to roll onto the streets of Shanghai

The London Electric Vehicle Company has scored yet another international deal, with its Shanghai sales team securing a deal for 200 vehicles into its home market.

This deal follows swiftly on the heels of the UK-based International Sales team securing 500 additional orders into Azerbaijan (who purchased 1,000 purple-coloured London Taxis in 2010). These additional vehicles will also be made at the iconic Black Cab manufacturer’s Shanghai production facility.

The Shanghai fleet deal was secured by the Sales division who are based in the heart of the city, China’s largest city by population; it will see the first 50 London Taxi TX4s hitting Shanghai roads in early November. This fleet will be boosted by a further 150 units in early 2015 with potential for more orders in the future.

These first fifty Shanghai produced London Taxis will be operated by local taxi fleet operator Shanghai Qiang Sheng Taxi Company. Gold has been chosen as the signature colour for the vehicles by Shanghai Qiang Sheng Taxi Group, who feels that this colour creates a feeling of opulence, as well as ensuring that the vehicles stand out on Shanghai roads, where most taxis are red or blue sedans.

The locally produced London Taxi was chosen for fleet use by Qiang Sheng due to its passenger comfort and safety features, as well as its provision of easy access for disabled and elderly users.

James Lin, General Manager of The London Electric Vehicle Company’s Shanghai facility commented: “The London Taxi has become the global standard for taxi vehicles the world over, with the iconic Black Cab being used in London, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and, of course, now here in China’s greatest and most vibrant city, Shanghai.”

The London Electric Vehicle Company’s Shanghai production facility has been manufacturing the iconic Black Cab since 2009, for the UK company’s export markets, as well as for the China domestic market.