The London Electric Vehicle Company celebrates iconic heritage

The London Electric Vehicle Company will display the rich history of its world-renowned black cab at two exhibitions in Coventry and London in the coming weeks. From late June, the London Electric Vehicle Company will exhibit TX4 at Coventry Motor Museum’s Trailblazing Cars of the World display. This will be followed by a two-week exhibition at the Society of Motor Manufacturer and Traders (SMMT) in Westminster.

Showcasing cars that changed the world’s automotive landscape, the Coventry Motor Museum Trailblazing Cars of the World exhibition is free to the public throughout the summer. The London Electric Vehicle Company TX4 will gives visitors a virtual tour of Coventry’s historic sights; the ‘virtual cabbie’ shows visitors how the city has changed over the eight decades that black cabs have been produced in the area. Visitors sit inside the taxi and a tour is played on a screen from the front of the cab, they can also scan an advert on the folding seats to learn more about the London Electric Vehicle Company’s heritage.

From 20 to 31 July, the London Electric Vehicle Company will also display two vehicles at SMMT’s Westminster headquarters. The current TX4 will sit alongside the 1997 Fairway, showing the company’s heritage.

Chief Executive Officer of the London Electric Vehicle Company, Peter Johansen said: “The black cab is an icon of British culture and something that has a strong manufacturing heritage in the UK. The future looks bright for the London Electric Vehicle Company and its Coventry manufacturing centre, but it is also important that we honour our past; these exhibitions give us the perfect opportunity to do just that.”

The first London Taxi, the FX3 was launched in 1948 and was produced in Coventry until 1959. It was replaced by the FX4 which remained in production for thirty years until being replaced by the Fairway. The TX1 was introduced in 1997, followed by the TXII and TX4, which will make way for the all-new zero emissions-capable TX5 in 2017.