The London Electric Vehicle Company commits to fight against climate change

The London Electric Vehicle Company has joined forces with ten taxi companies in eleven markets to tackle climate change, as part of the 21st United Nations conference on climate change (COP 21).

As a partner in the initiative the company is committing to promote the uptake of cleaner, more efficient taxis across Europe and the widespread adoption of low emission zones in European cities by 2020.

The London Electric Vehicle Company is investing £300 million into the development of its new zero emissions capable taxi, which will go on sale in 2017. It’s new manufacturing facility in Ansty, West Midlands, is also being built with sustainability in mind and is expected to achieve an ‘Excellent’ BREEAM rating and will be ‘A’ rated for energy performance.

The climate change initiative is supported by the French Ministry for Environment, as the host nation for COP 21 talks, and has received assistance from the COP 21 team in helping the companies to define the possible goals for the project. The eleven founder companies will now invite all taxi companies worldwide to join them and commit to reducing their fleet CO2 emissions. The London Electric Vehicle Company is the only manufacturer currently signed up to the initiative.

The London Electric Vehicle Company’s Chief Executive, Peter Johansen, said: “As an environmentally aware company, climate change is a topic that is close to the heart of our business. We’re investing significantly to ensure we have the products to help solve climate change and poor air quality in major cities world wide. We’re incredibly proud to be a part of this initiative and look forward to engaging with all of its stakeholders worldwide.”

The initiative is led by French taxi company, Les Taxis Bleus, with involvement from The London Electric Vehicle Company (UK), Taxis Bleus (Belgium), Taxi 31300 (Austria), Fågelviksgruppen (Sweden and Norway), Central Taxis (UK), Taxi Central Amsterdam (Netherlands), Taxiphone Centrale (Switzerland), Taxis Berlin (Germany), Taxi 3570 (Italy), Taxelco (Canada).

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