Our safest taxi ever

Protecting occupants and other road users

The safety features of the iconic black cab have been protecting passengers for decades. With our latest generation of taxi, these features, both preventative and protective, underpin why the black cab is the first choice for the professional taxi trade

State-of-the-art airbag system

Two full-length curtain airbags that span the passenger compartment and deploy in split-second to protect passengers’ head and upper torso in the event of a side impact.

Autonomous Emergency Braking

Sometimes even the best drivers can’t avoid a collision. Autonomous emergency braking has the potential to prevent a crash or reduce the impact speed by applying the brakes automatically at the critical moment.

A lighter, airier feel with protection from UV rays

The thick, laminated glass - similar to that used for the windscreen - not only provides a unique view of the city skyline but contains a special tinting layer that block 95% of emitted light energy entering the cabin.



Super-tough centre division

Single-piece central division protecting all occupants, as well as providing additional vehicle integrity and strength and passenger privacy from the driver.

Adjustable rear seat belt harness for children

Additional protection for young travellers

Separate independent lockable compartments

Driver controls ensure that passengers are further protected from exiting the vehicle into possible traffic

Floor, roof and door lighting

Additional illumination ensuring safe entry and exit from the vehicle

Large door aperture

The rear-hinged door opens a full 90 degrees to create a large, un-obtruded aperture; increasing ease of access and improved visibility for oncoming traffic.


Seating that protects

Safety as standard for all, from the driver to your customers. All seats feature three point seat belts and energy-absorbing headrests to reduce the chance and severity of whiplash related injuries in the event of a collision.

Recognisable Shape

For decades passengers have come to associate the easily-identifiable London taxi with representing the official taxi, and its values that have come to define the taxi trade. The new Electric Taxi is still clearly identifiable as the taxi of choice for safe, accessible city transport.

Licensed Drivers

Regulated, knowledgeable and professional. Licensed black cab drivers can be hailed in the street or at taxi ranks making them instantly available in popular areas.

Comfort & design

The new electric taxi boasts a range of features that make the passenger experience one of the safest, most user friendly, enjoyable, and accessible in the world.


Accessible to all

Built for purpose, accessibility is an important feature of the iconic black cab, and we take our duty to provide a safe, purpose-built vehicle with access to all very seriously.