3 Month Payment Holiday

3 Month Payment Holiday

In response to the current Coronavirus crisis LEVC and Black Horse have agreed to support our customers by offering a 3 month suspension of finance payments on existing finance contracts. Anyone that has taken out a Black Horse finance product for the purchase of their TX can apply for this payment suspension. These are challenging times for everyone but the Taxi trade has endured many tough times over its long and proud history in London and many other UK cities. It will endure this one too! However, we’re aware that we can play a vital role is softening the impact of this current crisis and we recognise your efforts to keep working and keep Britain moving! We are hopeful that this current crisis will have passed in 3 months’ time and in the meantime this payment holiday is intended to bridge this period of uncertainty for all of our customers.

If you would like to register your interest for a 3 month payment holiday then please fill out the form on this page.

Once you have submitted this form you will receive an email within 48 hours that will explain clearly how to make a formal application to put this in place for your own agreement. We have asked you to identify the date of your next anticipated payment on this form however please do not make any alterations to your current direct debit or payment arrangements as this may jeopardise your eligibility for a break in future payments.

Please note that filling out this form is not part of the formal application process for a three month payment suspension. However, by registering your interest here you will be prioritised when processing of applications begins in the next 48 hours. Full details of the application process will be sent to you once this form has been submitted.


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