• Glasgow-based Gary Bowers has travelled more than 280,000 miles since purchasing his LEVC TX in 2018, almost 20 per cent further than the distance to the moon
  • Gary’s epic journey demonstrates the exceptional durability and reliability of the TX and its revolutionary eCity range extender powertrain
  • By taking full advantage of the full-electric capability, Gary has made £85,000 in fuel savings over the course of his ownership versus a traditional diesel taxi
  • With With eCity giving full peace of mind, the TX offers the best of both worlds, while Gary also praised its manoeuvrability, visibility, and ease of driving

2nd July 2024 – Gary Bowers, a 60-year-old taxi driver from Glasgow, has travelled over 280,000 miles in his LEVC TX, one of the highest mileages for a TX taxi globally. This remarkable achievement not only marks another milestone for the world’s most advanced electric taxi, but highlights Gary’s dedication to serving the public as a taxi driver for more than 28 years.

Gary Bowers’ incredible total is not only further than the 232,000-mile distance from the Earth to the Moon, but also eclipses the 268,553 miles which NASA’s Orion spacecraft reached at its furthest point from Earth, the greatest distance a spacecraft rated for human travel has ever been from its home planet.

While such an impressive odometer reading clearly demonstrates the TX’s durability, reliability, and fit-for-purpose capability of its revolutionary eCity range extender powertrain, Gary’s many miles behind the wheel of his cab – which he purchased in 2018, the same year the TX first went on sale – have also shone a spotlight on the vehicle’s many other strengths.

“I love the manoeuvrability, the visibility, and the ease of driving. Overall, it’s just a great experience for passengers and a great working environment for the driver,” he said, while reporting that his customers enjoy, “the quietness, smoothness, and panoramic roof - which makes the whole cabin area feel more spacious.”

What sets Gary apart is not just his exceptional mileage, but also his commitment to serving the public. His TX is kept running virtually 24/7, with a partner using the taxi at night to ensure it delivers the greatest value for money. One break in the early morning and another in the evening give them ample time to charge, ensuring they can benefit from the cheap and eco-friendly electric power to the greatest extent possible.

“I normally work from about 8am to 6pm and the night shift works from 9:15 pm to 4 or 5am,’ says Gary. “This gives us the chance to charge twice during the day and gives both of us the benefit of earning from the battery and getting cheaper miles.”

Gary's impressive track record as a cabbie goes beyond his current TX, having purchased at least ten vehicles over the years, including models such as the TX1, TX2, TX4, and TX. By taking full advantage of the full-electric capability of his current TX, Gary has potentially saved as much as £85,000 in fuel costs over the course of his ownership versus a typical diesel taxi.

Alex Nan, CEO, LEVC commented: “Gary’s achievement is testament to the hard work that professional taxi drivers undertake, in the name of public service, day in, day out. In designing, engineering, and manufacturing the world’s most advanced electric taxi from the ground up, we have ensured the TX is the ideal vehicle for drivers, passengers, and the planet. Since its launch, the TX has delivered an unrivalled sustainable mobility solution, with more than 788 million miles travelled in TX taxis globally since launch, and more than 240,000 tonnes of CO2 saved from being emitted into the atmosphere.”

Stephen Porter, Branch Manager at The Taxi Centre, said: “Gary’s extraordinary journey to surpass 280,000 miles in his LEVC TX is a significant milestone that not only showcases the exceptional durability and performance of the TX, but also reflects our commitment to providing vehicles that can endure the stellar demands of taxi service, no matter where the journey takes the driver.

“The TX’s revolutionary range extender and full-electric capability have proven to be a game-changer in the industry, offering unparalleled reliability. It’s no surprise that Gary chose the LEVC TX; a vehicle that’s as hardworking as he is!

“We eagerly anticipate the day, when Gary returns - perhaps not from the moon, but certainly with stories that are out of this world - ready to embark on his next adventure with a new LEVC.”

The TX taxi is an accessible and inclusive vehicle for all, regardless of age or disability. Featuring flexible space for up to six passengers, the vehicle includes an integrated wheelchair ramp enabling the TX to accommodate a forward-facing wheelchair – the only taxi of its kind to do so.

The TX’s eCity technology provides a pure EV range of 78 miles and a total range-extended capacity of 333 miles, making it ideally suited to busy cab drivers. LEVC manufactures the electric TX at its state-of-the-art facility in Ansty, Coventry. With an investment of over £1 billion from the Geely Holding Group since 2014, LEVC has built the UK's first dedicated manufacturing plant for electric vehicles. LEVC recently announced its new strategy that will see it grow beyond manufacturing the TX, to become a leading zero-carbon mobility technology company.