Studies show driving electric cars reduces stress levels, thanks to instant torque, no gearbox and the absence of tiring vibrations.

LEVC products go further, giving drivers great visibility and a comfortable working environment for long hours at the wheel.



Multi-adjustable seat, covered with a soft, robust and breathable fabric as standard. Variable foam density and an ergonomic shape developed with orthopaedists: the driver’s seat offers maximum protection against fatigue caused by sitting too long and against back pain.

The seat height can be adjusted by 60 mm, while a gradually adjustable backrest and an adjustable lumbar support further improve seating comfort. An optional luxury seat is also equipped with an adjustable seat incline, an extendable knee support as well as an electric seat adjustment and heating.


In order to achieve an optimal driving position, the steering column can be adjusted for length and height.

The controls positioned on the steering wheel allow quick access to the infotainment system, cruise control and range control. They also serve as quick buttons for voice control and for the driver settings menus.


Independent driver and passenger climate control help all occupants to be as comfortable as possible.

The temperature can be controlled in both zones via the central touch screen, as well as control of the heated seats.*

*Optional features


The instrument console is equipped with a large screen, which, with graphics and intuitive controls, ensures easy and convenient operation.

Systems and settings, such as the air conditioning or the audio system, can be called up with the touch of a finger on this HD touchscreen screen.

The screen is inclined towards the user to improve visibility and reduce reflections.


The well-designed and easy-to-use multimedia system automatically synchronizes with your smartphone.

The nine-inch touchscreen interface with an AUX connection on the front, DAB digital radio and Bluetooth can play MP3 files and stream media as standard.


The physical controls are designed to intuitively integrate new technology so that functions behave in a way that makes them feel natural. The vehicle is activated by turning a switch clockwise – just like turning a conventional vehicle key. The handbrake is electronic and controlled automatically, but if the driver wants to intervene manually, the switch can be operated like a mechanical handbrake.


The driver’s display is a high-resolution LCD colour screen. Not only information on speed, battery charge, fuel level and so on can be clearly displayed on it, but also flexible information such as the currently valid speed limit, incoming phone calls, infotainment messages, navigation instructions and other useful tips that optimize the driving experience.


The TX and the VN5 are equipped with clever storage space solutions for all items that are necessary for a working day: smartphones, card readers and receipt pads as well as water bottles and coffee mugs. The driver’s cab also has storage compartments for sunglasses, a flashlight, documents, change and much more.