TX Servicing

Servicing the electric taxi

TX helps driver reduce operating costs

Drivers of our current models can expect to spend approximately half as much on servicing thanks to new eCity technology & market-leading service intervals

The battery and electric motor which propel the TX requires little to no regular maintenance since there are few fluids to change and or moving serviceable parts, and because the electric motor drives the taxi, there is no traditional gearbox to inspect or maintain.

The range extender will require maintenance similar to conventional vehicles, however because the battery and motor can drive the taxi on its own most of the time, the range extender only operates when needed – meaning there is less mechanical wear on those components.

Even the regenerative braking system plays a part in reducing maintenance costs. Not only does it help improve the electric range, but it also reduces the wear on the brake pads and brakes extending their lifespan.

TX will alert you through the dashboard symbols, when your taxi needs attention. To keep our customers informed the below information will help you find out what your taxi needs.

Where and how to book a service

We are currently in the process of appointing a nationwide network to support TX and provide service and maintenance in areas necessary. Technician training and capability forms a key part of the appointment requirement. The LEVC approved service network are provided with the necessary training, tools and technical documentation to ensure a professional and efficient service, with a quick turnaround and minimal downtime.

On the occasions when work is required, we will be offering drivers a three-click online service which allows them to book a scheduled service at their nearest dealer with just their vehicle registration and a few clicks of the mouse.