The generous rear compartment offers private transport with full-size seating for up to six passengers – giving larger families and groups the ability to travel together.

Limousine-like coach doors open on to a spacious yet intimate interior with a flexible seating configuration which enables easy interaction between occupants, and excellent access to all seats.

Flexible passenger compartment to suit individuals or groups of up to six.

Large door, wide seats and generous leg and headroom make this the ideal space to travel.






Whether finishing a presentation, consulting Trip-Advisor or checking-in online, convenience and connectivity are assured thanks to integrated laptop and USB charging points and Wi-Fi on-board capabilities.


The new panoramic glass roof, standard on all new electric taxis, creates a spacious and airy ambiance and provides a stunning window on the cityscape outside.


Controlling the climate setting is convenient and easy. Rear independent touch controls allow for complete cabin comfort giving occupants the ability to adjust a variety of climate control features including temperature and fans speed.


The same control panel features a two-way voice intercom with integrated microphone and speakers ensures crystal clear communication between the driver and passengers.

Consideration for hearing impaired passengers has also been given. Upon entering the taxi the clear partition lets passengers communicate visually with drivers. The digital intercom features an induction loop, allowing hearing aid wearers to listen to the driver clearly and the channel is clearly marked on both sides of the vehicle with visible labelling.


A convenient, secure luggage space is found next to the driver, with a dedicated 440l luggage compartment – meaning there is adequate accommodation for passengers and their luggage.


The world renowned Black Cab has always been designed from the ground up to be the best possible Hackney-carriage for the taxi trade. No compromises or van conversions here – the London Taxi is purpose-built to be a hackney carriage vehicle. The instantly recognisable design ensures that customers always know that the Black Cab is a London Taxi, whether they are hailing one during the day or at night.