Our History

Read about the history of the iconic hackney carriage

Though our name has changed over the decades, the core principles at the heart of our vehicles remain unchanged: purpose-built to withstand the demands of the job, focused on reliability, comfortable working conditions and the best passenger experience.

Today, the image of the ‘black cab’ is as synonymous with the UK as the Union Jack, Big Ben or red phone boxes. Proudly designed and built in Coventry - the heartland of the British automotive industry - each vehicle has always been specially created to meet the demands of their era. FX3 and FX4 combined an enhanced passenger experience with unrivalled dependability. Then we met the challenges of new environmental, safety and accessibility legislation with the Fairway, TX1 and TXII. Next, the TX4 helped the taxi trade meet the needs of 21st Century cities. Now, we draw on our rich heritage to combat global mobility challenges such as air pollution, noise and congestion with the TX, the world’s most advanced zero-emissions capable electric taxi, followed by TX Shuttle and The Electric Commercial Van.


Man and Overton's Unic 12/16hp cab which became the most popular model on the streets, because a lot of the other models were run by the companies that made or sold them, like FIAT and none of them were sold to smaller fleets as new vehicles. Thus M&O secured a special place in the market by being the only regular, reliable supplier to the fleets that were not connected to manufacturers.


​Following its formal introduced at the 1948 Commercial Motor Transport Exhibition at Earls Court, London, the FX3 went in to fleet service​.
The FX3 went on general sale in 1949, for £936 plus 33.3 per cent purchase tax.



The planning of the FX4 began. The vehicle was unusual for two reasons: first that a fixed windscreen was approved – until then, it was believed an opening windscreen gave the driver better visibility in the London fogs. Second, it was the first production London taxi to have four doors, giving weather protection to both driver and luggage.


Released in 1989, the Fairway was the best-selling version of the FX4, and a vehicle which many still think of as the London taxi. The manual version cost £19,912 and the automatic, £21,312.​



​LTI introduces the TX1, the first new generation taxi in almost 40 years​ TX1.
It took just 28 months to design and put into production, bringing saloon car standards of comfort, safety and refinement to the driver’s working environment.

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The TXII hit the roads. It incorporated a Ford engine in order to meet the emissions standards of the time. Additional improvements included a passive anti-theft system, fully integrated into the engine management system, and full width glass in the rear doors​.

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Introduced in 2007, the TX4 featured a more efficient engine, updated design and suspension.​The TX4 featured in the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, alongside the Spice Girls, who performed standing on top of specially prepared Fairways!

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Following significant improvements to The London Electric Vehicle Company’s manufacturing facilities in Coventry and the creation of approximately 66 new jobs, the company has once again commenced the building of new TX4 models on its production line. Geely Group Chairman Li Shufu and Business Secretary Vince Cable were present to officially start production.

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British Prime Minister David Cameron, currently in China on a state visit this week, today met with Chairman Li Shufu, of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, in Shanghai.


LTC has been relaunched as LEVC, marking the next stage in the company’s transformation. Underpinned by an investment totalling £325m, LEVC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Geely, has the single-minded ambition to be the urban commercial vehicle provider of choice for cities around the world​.



The world’s first zero-emission capable electric taxi was sold in 2018. Designed, engineered and built in the Britain, its revolutionary eCity drivetrain enables zero-emissions urban operation, meeting the needs of cities.
Comfort is built-in as standard for both driver and passengers, with fast on-board Wi-Fi, and stunning views of the city passing by through the panoramic sunroof.




Based on the electric taxi and featuring the same eCity Technology, TX Shuttle was launch. It offers mobility and shuttle services the opportunity to specify the vehicle to their own unique needs, building features as required for their business use. This makes TX Shuttle ideal for on-demand public transport and taxi services across Europe and the rest of the world.

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LEVC welcomed Prime Minister Boris Johnson to tour state-of-the-art facility. Joerg Hofmann, CEO hosted the Prime Minister who was highly supportive of the business & products, describing the TX electric taxis as "magnificent machines"


LEVC launches its new electric van - VN5 which will revolutionise the medium-sized van sector. VN5 is the perfect solution in green logistics featuring astonishing durability, great carrying capacity, a total flexible range of 301 miles as well as lower running costs.



LEVC launches its new electric van - VN5 which will revolutionise the medium-sized van sector. VN5 is the perfect solution in green logistics featuring astonishing durability, great carrying capacity, a total flexible range of 301 miles as well as lower running costs.