Living with EV


LEVC Electric story

A heritage which started in the professional cab trade has, over the decades, seen us build commercial vehicles with an unrivalled blend of performance, functionality and craftsmanship

How we became LEVC​

The transformation from traditional vehicle manufacturer to modern electric vehicle company started in 2017 when we became London EV Company - a name which respects our heritage and dedicates our future to new energy vehicles.

What is our vision

Backed by world-renowned Geely and enriched with the knowledge and experience from our past, we continue to innovate with purposeful engineering at the heart of all our vehicles, as we transition to become the leading European green commercial mobility solutions provider.​

Why should I go electric

There are so many benefits to owning an electric vehicle. Here are just some of them:

Great cost savings

Convenience ​

Charging times

Less frequent servicing​

Greener lifestyle​

Government grants